A Fitness Vacation

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I always look forward to the workouts I do when I travel, I get a whole new flow of energy from the people I meet at gyms and events. I find that being around people with common interests not only feels awesome but renews my passion for fitness and exercise.

I’m always open to new things, being that fitness is constantly evolving, I get excited and look forward to trying a variety of workouts and exercises a little out of my fitness element. Within the first week of my vacation, I’ve done the Spartan bootcamp, a group CrossFit class and run/hike a 5.5 mile trail on a very rainy, cold day. I gotta tell ya, that really tested me. I’ll be honest, I did indulge a little on the foods that do not fall into the categories of healthy eating, but knowing that those kind of foods are not suppose to be what you eat on a daily basis and not over doing it is what helps you maintain your will power. As the Latin saying goes, “Temet Nosce”(Thine own self thou must know).

Fitness has no limitations, the sky is not the limit when it comes to fitness, there are footprints on the moon. Despite being on vacation and feeling like you are taking a break from pretty much everything including your daily healthy regimen, you can still stay active and cautious, especially when it comes to your diet. You can eat good, gourmet healthy food, drink enough and below intoxication and keep your energy level up by getting involved in activities that keeps you moving. The plus side of this is you are able to keep that creeping body fat down.

I’ve got friends up and down the U.S east coast, but the group of friends that fascinate me and love hanging out with the most are the ones that live in New York City. Every few months when I visit, they always look better than they did my last visit. What I find incredible about these group of friends is that they party, eat and live life to the fullest. They party everyday, eat crap and drink a lot and are always doing something mind blowingly exciting and crazy. Now despite this lifestyle, none of them are over weight or unhealthy looking, none of them own a car or any form of transportation, everyone is armed with a smart phone, a gym membership and a metro card. So If you wanna get some where, you are gonna have to get your butt there your damn self. I always enjoy jumping into the flow of the city.

Now when I’m in my Yankee home state of Virginia, you have to drive everywhere. Things are a little more spread out and it’s not very convenient nor is there a reliable transportation system. The level of activity drops drastically compared to The Big Apple. The fitness culture is more laid back in Virginia so I do a lot of jogging and go to the gym everyday and I even sleep for up to eight hours cos it’s very quiet.

Being on vacation doesn’t necessarily mean you should abandon your health, in fact it’s the only thing that shouldn’t be.

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