Ajibade Gbenro Emmanuel Shares His Workout Secrets

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It’s not easy to get in good shape, and probably just as difficult staying in shape, especially when your career demands it. When you spend most of your time working, finding the motivation to exercise can be challenging, particularly when you should really be resting. So it really does take something special. Ajibade Gbenro Emmanuel is instantly recognisable as one of the leads of the popular DSTV drama, Tinsel. How does the actor, tv presenter, part time model and all round nice guy stay in such tremendous shape with such a demanding schedule? Read on as he shares with Eden Lifestyle his workout secrets.

Gbenro is 6ft 3 and weighs in at an impressive 86kgs, quite imposing at first sight, but his gentle nature is instantly disarming. EL was invited to his local gym, Ziggies Entertainment Center in Magodo, for a workout session that would leave the average man crawling to the nearest water fountain. Somehow, between crunches, we were able to squeeze out a conversation about his workout routine:

EL: How are you, bro, thanks for having me here.
G: No problem, thanks for coming.

EL: How often are you in the gym?
G: Pretty much everyday.

EL: Everyday? That’s just nuts, how do you find the time for that?
G: Well I don’t always have the time to come to the gym, so on those days i workout at home. Its important to me to try to do some form of exercise every 24 hours.

EL: That’s awesome, we recently did an article on working out at home when you don’t have time to go to the gym. What exercise do you do at home?
G: I usually go for early morning runs, around 4:30am. Then I do some weights, fortunately I have some equipment at home for that purpose. If I don’t get a chance to workout in the morning then i’ll do it in the evening.

EL: 4:30am huh, suddenly I don’t like you anymore! Just kidding, that’s majorly impressive. Do you do any other types of exercise?
G: Yes, cardio is a major part of my exercise so I do other sports also.

EL: What do you do?
G: Well, I do karate twice a week, and play basketball twice a week also. I swim quite regularly and run on the treadmill.

EL: Dude, seriously, I’m tired just hearing that
G: Hahaha

EL: Diet is very important to balance out the exercise, are you also very disciplined when it comes to food?
G: Ah, like anyone else I struggle with this. Because of my schedule it is tough to regulate my diet, I sometimes eat at funny times but try my best to keep it healthy. On days when i eat badly, or late at night, then i’ll workout harder the next morning.

EL: You were recently on the catwalk at Arise Fashion week 2012, how was that experience for you?
G: I had an excellent time there, it was very interesting. I was amazed at the size of the catwalk, it was really done to an international standard. Some of the models were even scared at first because of the length of the catwalk, but everyone got into it at the end and it was a lot of fun. I was particularly impressed that a designer of the calibre of Ozwald Boateng insisted on using a mixture of Nigerian and international models.

EL: How do you stay motivated on days you don’t feel so great, we all have those days.
G: I love watching cartoons and playing video games, they never fail to pick me up.

EL: Hmm, careful how you talk, I take my gaming very seriously! One more question, what is your personal philosophy?
G: I believe in staying happy no matter what. For me that attitude keeps you positive and draws you closer to positive things.

EL: Gbenro, thank you for your time. I suggest you go practice your video games before you mention such things in my presence.
G: Hahaha, you are most welcome.

A big Eden Lifestyle salute to people that are motivated, be inspired.

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