The Natural Hair Revolution

by on January 8, 20134 Comments The Natural Hair Revolution

There is a natural hair revolution going on among black women in Lagos and this time the revolution is being televised. On a few of our great sitcoms, locks are being showcased more and more. A lot of...


When Is It Too Much Makeup?

by on December 13, 2012No Comments When Is It Too Much Makeup?

WHEN IS TOO MUCH MAKEUP TOO MUCH, HOW DO YOU STRIKE THE BALANCE? Forget diamonds, forget shoe's, forget food -- it has been declared that makeup is a girl's best friend. Whether it's covering under-eye...


Sexy Sugar Scrub

by Alero Eghagha on December 7, 20124 Comments Sexy Sugar Scrub

I have this delightful treat I think you should know about. Every other weekend I listen to soothing music while I do this. I think you should try it. -Get a small bowl or cup. -A spoon -Half a glass...


Top Hair Trends For 2012

by on December 3, 20121 Comment Top Hair Trends For 2012

Fashion week is about fantasy and illusion, the most captivating trends from the fall shows emphasized wearable texture, natural ease and feminine approachability. From polished ponytails to unfussy strands...


All Women Of Colour

by on October 9, 2012No Comments All Women Of Colour

WORLD FAMOUS INTERNATIONAL CELEBRITY makeup artist, Eryca Freemantle and the Olympia Beauty Exhibition team brought the beauty industry up to date to reflect the multiculturalism of modern Britain AND...


Working With Your Body Type

by on September 28, 20121 Comment Working With Your Body Type

We are never ever completely happy with our bodies are we? We either want a more voluptuous upper body or thinner thighs. I have a friend who wants a bigger butt, while I want a smaller one! There is always...

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