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How many times have you looked at your real hair, and just hissed? Three years ago, this was me every time I relaxed, or set my hair. I would just get fed up, thinking to myself, “Why won’t this stupid hair grow?!” A question quite a few women of African descent have asked themselves time, and time again. Regardless of whether they live in Africa, Europe, America, Asia, etc.

This is chronic problem black women all over the world face; short, broken, and unruly hair. Could it be that our race is just destined to be lacking in the hair department? Compared to our caucasian counterparts, we got the curvy bodies, and killer dance moves, so is it only fair that they get the long flowing luscious locks? Could this be the reason why most mixed race girls, have that good hair? Best of both worlds? Well I’ll tell you readers now, this is definitely not the case! So if the African race is not genetically programmed to have bad hair, and we don’t have to be mixed to enjoy “good” hair. So then what is the problem? No worries, I will tell you in a moment.

For years, African women have been tormented by myths, bad hair advice, and bad products. Which continue to destroy our hair, and our confidence. So at the end of the day we resort to artificial means to give us the long hair we all crave and covet. But of course this a catch twenty two because those artificial means, sometimes cause more damage than good. Thus leaving us with less hair than we originally started with.

Let me tell you now that there is hope! Afro hair does grow, and it can grow healthy and long. I am a living breathing testament to that. Who am I to educate anybody, or say that black hair can grow? Well I will tell you. I am part of group of African women, who got tired of dealing with crap hair, and took matters in to their own hands to actively grow their hair long and healthy. I have been on a hair journey for 3 years and I have grown my hair from neck length to about where my bra strap lies. Am I mixed? No. Do have soft textured hair? No, my hair is just as coarse and nappy as any other black girl’s.

For years I suffered from terrible hair. Since my secondary school days, I never had hair at the back of my head. My nape area was none existent, and then some. I remember my friends teasing me, that it looked like a goat had been chopping at the back of my head. Even when I got to University, I could never pack my hair up in a bun or pony tail. As the problem persisted, I would glue in tracks at the back so that my hair would look fuller, and so I could hold it up. But I’m sure as most of you know, glueing in tracks only damages your hair even more. Finally I got tired of my hair holding me to ransom, I got tired of feeling like if I did’t have extensions in, I couldn’t leave the house.

I took matters in to my own hands and started researching about afro-hair care. I took my time to discover the mysteries of black hair and luckily for me I wasn’t the only one out there looking. I stumbled across many women, who like me were tired of “black-hair-won’t-grow syndrome, and had grown their hair to astonishing lengths. Following their example and with research of my own, I too was able turn my hair around. It has been a long journey and by no means is it over yet. Upon moving back to Nigeria, I decided to dedicate my time to helping the women around me grow and take care of their tresses. This is how the Black Beauty Fanatic was born. An enterprise developed to educate the masses on proper hair care and beauty practices. The goal of the Black Beauty Fanatic, is to teach women to care for themselves and their crown and glory, so they don’t always have to resort to artificial means. Don’t get me wrong, I wear weaves all the time. But the difference now is that I don’t have to.

Black hair care is pretty basic:
The first thing you need to understand in growing your hair, is that your hair does grow. The fact you need to relax it every so often, means its growing. The reason why your hair isn’t getting longer, is because your hair is breaking either as fast or faster than it grows.

The second thing you need to understand is breakage. You need to know why your hair is breaking and then stop it. The moment your hair stops breaking, you will start to see an increase in length with each relaxer. The same goes for natural hair. Though you don’t have relaxers to tell you your hair is growing, it is growing. If you don’t see a change in length, it’s due to poor length retention (breakage).

So back to who I am again…. Well, allow me to reintroduce myself. I am The Black Beauty Fanatic and I am here to set the record straight on black hair care. I’m going to work hard to dispel all black hair myths, myths such as; ‘washing your hair too much is bad and will break your hair’. I will be educating my fellow ladies on how to properly care for their hair, so that they can enjoy healthy hair. Lastly I will be sharing my many hair experiences and beauty tips with you. The road to healthy hair is simple, and extremely rewarding. So come and join me on this interesting hair journey so I can show you how I went from:

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