Breaking Through My Workout Wall

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Happy New Year! It’s the holiday season, well it’s over now but you know what I mean, we’re all going to hang onto it for as long as painstakingly possible. So the whole diet plan, which one was it again, I’m not even sure anymore. But the one thing I did realize is this, no matter what kind of diet you undertake you’re not going to get far without a work out plan.

So I embarked on a voyage, one of finding a trainer that I felt I could work with and that wasn’t out of my price range, there’s no point starting something only to stop it a month later due to lack of being able to pay the required fee. I found one. His name is Olu and let me be very honest, for months I had been meaning to start training with him and kept procrastinating. And then after 2 or 3 fad diets and not actually sticking to them, hence not getting the required results. It was inevitable.

Now let me tell you a little bit about me, when I was younger and in the American International School I was a sports fanatic, every type of sport that was available, I partook in. It started off with Ballet, then gymnastics and graduated to Tennis, softball, basketball (I was on the first team), volleyball (first team there as well) and of course there was also track & field, which I wasn’t really ever enthusiastic about but it was what it was. So I partook in all of these 6 days a week, there was always a game on Saturday, and PE classes three times a week and extracurricular activities everyday of the week.

Now imagine this for about ten years and then boom, it all stopped. I went to a Nigerian school from AIS, (I was supposed to go to Switzerland but Daddy felt I was too much of a wild child to let me out of his sights just yet), and their sports programme consisted of watching the boys play basketball. Let’s just say that’s where my demise started, I was 16, what did I really care, I kept eating at the same rate but never ever got that exercise regime back or the discipline for that matter.

But the one thing that I can say is that my body’s muscle memory is phenomenal. It really doesn’t take that much now to jump start it, agonizing pain at first but then after about two weeks of training I was addicted. Three times a week, and I was asking the trainer to come in earlier and earlier, till it was 6am every morning for the last 2 months and trust me when I say wow! Because that what I was saying to myself when I looked in the mirror. I looked pretty hot and tempting if I say so myself, even if I wasn’t at my target weight I felt amazing.

But now has come the time when I’m bored, I’m postponing sessions and beginning to get irritated during sessions. I get bored easily and I’m now looking elsewhere to step up that exercise level. I’ve got the kick start that I needed to get my body into shape and now I am embarking on the next stage, the grueling Tracy Anderson Method.

She’s responsible for Gwyneth Paltrow’s body, and getting rid of Madonna’s ghastly muscles (well softening them up), I’ve had her method for about a year now, but did it for an hour while cussing her out the whole time. Shall I ease into it by having my remaining 9 sessions back to back and start TAM then, or do it on alternating days when I’m not training with Olu?

This is my state of dilemma to start off the New Year. And it’s only the second day of the year. What going on with you?

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