Calories In Your Glass

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How do we manage having a drink? With or without alcohol? Some of us like the occasional drink and there isn’t anything wrong with that, there are some days that a nice glass of chilled wine just works or some whisky in your tea…I feel you.

However, alcohol is full of empty calories- No nutritional value. It does absolutely nothing for your well being. The sugar and carbs from alcohol are usually saved in the stomach area, hence the beer belly and that’s not pretty. Non alcoholic alternatives are just as bad as they tend to have sugar added to it. So how do you not sabotage your fitness efforts with a drink? Like everything else, knowledge is key. Lets’ begin with the (empty) calories in the glass.


Red wine ( 13% alcoholic volume) – 1 standard 175ml glass- 119 calories.

White wine (13% alcoholic volume) – 1 standard 175ml glass- 130 calories

Rose wine- (13% alcoholic volume) – 1 standard 175ml glass- 124 calories

Champagne- 1 full glass- 95 calories


Gulder per bottle: 330 calories

Guinness: 325ml- 142 calories

Heineken-440ml can- 154 calories


Light spirit (gin, vodka etc) -1 shot: 65 calories

With energy drink- 118 calories

Dark spirit (whiskey, brandy) – 1 shot 65 calories

with energy drink – 112 calories

Cocktails (Alcoholic)

Mixers- Smirnoff ice- 427 calories

Pina colada- alcoholic- 644calories

Bloody Mary- Alcoholic- 116calories

Long island iced tea- 780 calories

Cocktails (Non-Alcoholic)

Bloody Mary – 79calories

Pina colada – 374 calories


Malt- 220calories

Soft drinks- 80-90calories

Juice – packaged – 90-100calories

Red bull- 113 calories

Irish cream- 1 Glass/37ml – 130calories

Drinking is the trickiest part of a healthy lifestyle in my option especially if you like to have a drink now and again like me. Now that you know what’s in your glass, you have to be mindful of what and how much you are drinking. What are you eating as you drink? You need to work out ways to balance out like, drink plenty of water before you go out, so you don’t have space for much, that way, a glass can go a long way. Better still just sip on water (use a wine glass) intermittently. Like all else, all things in moderation. If your goal is weight loss, all the drinks except water have to go for a while.

Love your body…

Oyinkansola Talabi has been a fitness enthusiast for over 15 years and she is trained in Weight Management (FIE UK), Pilates ( Stott Pilates UK) and Kick boxing (Ian Fox training UK) and Performance coach ( Human Performance Institute USA). She has worked as a Personal Trainer since 2006 and founder of Bodyworks Personal Fitness Studio in Lekki Phase 1 opened in January 2009. The Studio offers personal training classes, fitness & nutrition consultations, daily group exercise classes and a personal Gym. She has featured on 96.9 Cool Fm, New dawn with Funmi Iyanda and Health Talks on Channels Television, NN24 and Studio 53 extra. She has written articles on fitness in Genevieve magazine and taken part in various True Love magazine workshops. She regularly hosts workshops for women at her studio in Lekki. she currently hosts "Living fit" on 97.3 classic FM (Mondays @ 2pm) and writes a weekly colum in The Saturday Guardian newspaper.

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