Cardio Blast Your Way To Fitness

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All research shows that cardiovascular exercise is key to weight loss and fitness. You just can’t cheat! Farida’s daily aerobics classes focus mainly on cardio work that leave you feeling revilatised, a big part of the journey to wellness.

Farida was born in Zaria, Nigeria to a Northern Nigerian father and Spanish mother who encouraged her at an early age to pursue her interest in sports and enjoy the outdoors. While growing up in Lagos she would spend weekends swimming at the Ikoyi Club 1938 and also played squash, tennis, and other competitive sports.

In her late teens while studying for her Accounting degree in the UK, she discovered a passion for fitness that continued to grow as the years went by. Many years later, while living on the US West Coast, she was inspired by the “California lifestyle” to take the challenge and earned her certifications as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. She had become a believer in the power that exercise has to enhance an individual’s self-image and well-being. It is this same belief that motivates her to reach more people via her exercise classes and health tips today.

As the Founder and CEO of Farida Fitness, Farida teaches cardio and circuit classes at various locations on Lagos Island. She customizes her classes to fit the audience, and ensures that the participants feel challenged and also grow in their personal journeys.

Farida has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance. She has earned various fitness related certifications over the years, including: AFA, Aerobics and Fitness; ACE, Personal Training; and SPINNING, Certified Instructor. She is also trained in CPR by the American Heart Association. Farida is married with a daughter and lives in Ikoyi, Nigeria.

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