Cardio Workout: The Catch Up Vol. 1

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Before we get to the new stuff, we’ve got to make sure you’re up on a few things. So first, I’ll be sharing a series of genre-hopping lists with cuts that have kept me motivated over the last seven or eight years. Make no mistake, these tracks are far from stale – I still bump these at the gym on the regular. Just making sure you’ve got everything you need to burn some serious calories.

This list, of course has the uptempo essentials, but it also has a few mid- and downtempo cuts for interval training. The key when selecting your slower cuts is to make sure they allow you to catch a breather without making you mellow out and lose focus. Madonna’s “Nobody Knows Me (Live)” is a great example, and will have you rearing to go again by the time it’s over.

Here’s the PLAYLIST

Tip: Keep a few “secret weapon” tracks for when you’re losing steam. Nothing gets me back on my game like Nas’ “Made You Look” or Amerie’s “1 Thing” (arguably the hookiest track of the last decade).

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