Corporate Services

Corporate Services
In today’s fast paced world, employees are more stressed and unhealthier than ever. Nigeria is a very stressful environment and they are expected to work more and to be more productive. Unfortunately, poor lifestyle choices and an unhealthy work environment result in severe fatigue, headaches and a variety of symptoms that are causing them to be unhappy and severely unproductive. This ultimately leads to stress, hypertension and other preventable lifestyle diseases.

We will help companies better equip their employees by teaching them how to eat and exercise in a way that will improve their health, reduce sick days, and for the employer reduce health care cost!

Research studies show that a healthy diet and exercise program can enhance the bottom line for companies. As an employer what can you do to make a difference? You have the power to provide employees with the right tools to:

  • Reduce stress and sick days.
  • Eliminate depression.
  • Enhance productivity.
  • Increase energy and self-esteem.
  • Boost morale.

We will help you set up a Corporate Wellness Program. On-site personal training includes hiring trainers, building the right gym for your needs, offering nutritional advice, hosting nutritional and fitness seminars and teaching your employees everything they need to know to change their body from the inside out.

For many companies, medical costs can consume half of corporate profits or more. A Corporate Wellness Program is a long-term solution for keeping employees healthy and happy.