Creating The World’s Best Performing Schools

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Incubator Africa in collaboration with EduCluster Finland bring you world-class experts on education to equip you with practical knowledge required for transforming the classroom learning experience.

A 2-day learning event, held at The Oriental Hotel in Lagos on the 19th and 20th November 2012, to empower key decision makers in the educational sector.

Hosted by Incubator Africa Limited in collaboration with EduCluster Finland the learning event will bring you world-class experts on education to equip you with practical knowledge and the information required for transforming the learning experience in the classroom. The schedule will include:

  • Insights into the Finish education system, the top performing in the world.
  • A plenary session on how to create the world’s best education system.
  • Practical trainings to improve teacher and school performance.
  • Principal as the pedagogical leader of the school.
  • Teachers’ methodological toolbox.
  • No Child is left behind: a Three Tiered support system preventing dropouts during transition phases.

This is a nuts and bolts learning event, during which participants will raise the needs of Nigerian schools and teachers and discuss how they can effectively adapt strategies for revitalizing educational goals and outcomes that have proven successful in Finland.


  • Learn from the best in the Finnish education sector to position your school for improved performance.
  • Gain valuable insights that empower participants to creatively unlock the potential in the
  • Nigerian education system.
  • Receive expert advice targeted to your school’s pressing concerns.

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