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If like me, you heard about an incredibly brave group of people who cycled (yes, I repeat, cycled) to Cotonou a few weeks ago and wondered what on earth might possess them to do such a thing, then you’re in good company. Last week, I was privileged to meet the legendary members of the Cycology Riding Club at their Introduction and Inaugural Cocktail at Lagos Motor Boat Club. They are the first organised riding club of their kind in Nigeria, and bring a group of 20 – 50 something year olds together for fitness, fun, and camaraderie. Their ride to Cotonou is the first in a long line of ambitious adventures they have planned.

It is no secret that riding is a brilliant form of exercise. It builds muscle tone, improves cardiovascular health, burns calories, and improves circulation. Frank Ozoma, the Captain of Cycology, explained to me how he began cycling as part of his desire to adopt a healthier lifestyle. He noticed, much to his delight that the weight he had been trying to shift dropped off, and cycling has remained the mainstay of his fitness regime. Cycling has the added benefit of being lower impact than running, for example, so is a great option for people who want to keep fit without aggravating their knees.

Tunde Laoye and Patrick Koshoni

In addition to keeping fit, Cycology has three main aims:

  1. To promote cycling as a lifestyle in Lagos and partner with the government to ensure the safety of cyclists
  2. To create awareness of social issues through cycling, and raising funds for worthy causes through charity rides
  3. To form and sponsor a professional cycling team that will eventually be able to represent Nigeria at international cycling events.

It was inspiring to spend the evening with so many passionate, dedicated people – men and women alike. There is great energy buzzing through the Cycology team, and they are very keen to welcome new members. If you have been looking for an activity that will address your fitness goals, and also compliment your social life, Cycology may be worth exploring. They ride every Saturday at 6.30am from either Chicken Republic Awolowo Road or Admiralty Way, Lekki 1, depending on the route of the day’s ride. For more information, go to or

Frank Ozoma, Minjiba Cookey, and Deji Akinyanju

Diamond Omene Certificate

Oyemi Sagay Certificate

Group Photo

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