Eat Clean, Train Dirty!!

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Lets face it, if you are not eating right, then all your hard work-outs are for nothing! If you want your body to perform like you would expect an Enzo to perform, then you’d better put the right fuel in it!

You can’t stay in a fitness comfort zone that doesn’t take you anywhere or to your next level; you have to test your limits. One of the chants we do at my boot camp goes, “it’s all about the PUSH!!!”. You have to push yourself hard and continuously, almost to the point of being sick and exhausted. One of the things about the human body that I find fascinating is how resilient it is, you can train it, beat it up, fling it, through it up against hard surfaces and work it and it only looks, feels and performs better.

I tell my boot camp members and clients all the time that we are all really just passengers as far what’s going on with our brains and body. Your brain is consistently aware of what is going on with your body, so if you are running and your brain realises that you are going to keep running it sends a message to your heart to pump more blood, to your lungs to take in more oxygen to fuel the muscles, to your arteries to stay dilated. It also sends signals down your body to create more veins and capillaries so more oxygenated blood can reach the muscles being used. New nerves are being formed, muscles get more conditioned and you have a higher level of endurance.
Eating right comes down to choice! Making smart choices will determine if you are going to meet your fitness goals. When people say to me that they can eat whatever they want because they workout just shows me how ignorant one can be about proper nutrition. If you are not putting the right things in your body, don’t expect it to give you what you want. You have to eat as you age, give your cells a longer life expectancy. That’s why people who eat right and exercise look younger and healthier.

As far as your workouts are concerned, you can’t focus on one form of exercise, you’ve got to mix it up…train dirty!! Throw in some CrossFit, Plyo, cardio, aerobics, weight lifting, spinning, strength and conditioning etc. Muscle confusion does the body a world of good.

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