Enough With The Lame Excuses

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I was at a function a few months ago and I remember someone approached me enquiring about training and fitness. He asked how long it took me to get my physique, what did I have to do, what level of discipline is involved etc.

I broke it down and summarized that it comes down to making it a part of your lifestyle. We had been talking for close to 15 minutes, he then said, well…I have been smoking for a long time and I’m not going to give it up just because I want to be healthy. I looked at the guy thinking, seriously??? He would rather put more time and effort into something that will kill him than what would do the opposite. Needless to say this guy is a genius. Now all the while he was explaining his irrational reason why he would not quit smoking, he was coughing, grunting and breathing heavy, not to mention that he reeked of smoke.

What a lot of smokers don’t seem to realize is that there are other ways to kill yourself. Yes, nicotine is addictive, but processed nicotine is a killer because they are made with rat poisoning and other deadly chemicals that cause you to lose your fingers, toes and limbs. Not to mention cancer of the mouth, throat and lungs. Bottom line is it’s a stupid and disgusting habit. Smoking is the only thing that you can die from by someone else doing it around you constantly. Yes second hand smoke is just as deadly. The wife of our beloved superman, the late Christopher Reeve, died of second hand smoke. She exercised, ate well and never smoked a day in her life, and she still died of lung cancer. Ain’t that some s#*t?!!

Well…enough of my ranting. There are no exceptions when it comes to getting healthy. Living a healthy lifestyle comes down to keeping yourself accountable. If you are serious about losing weight or getting healthy and fit then you should welcome the rules that go along with it. You not only give yourself a fighting chance but your body too. Let me break it down…

1. You need your lungs to breath so why suck in all that tar to make it harder.
2. To build and condition your muscles you have to eat lean forms of proteins. Anything with a high fat content does exactly that, it gets you fat.
3. You got to love your greens and veggies, they help cleanse your whole body. They clear your eyes and skin and even strengthen your hair and bones.

The thing that I’ve always tried to get across to people is this, everything you decide to pursue has rules, they have to be followed in order to accomplish them. Sure, as the human race has advanced and evolved, we’ve discovered short cuts, but I can surely tell you that there aren’t any when it comes to quitting smoking. How important is it to you to get healthy, is it worth your life? If you want the hot bod, sexy curves, bulging biceps and ripped abs and all the attention that comes with it, you’ve got to follow the rules.

There is not logic in thinking just because you workout you can eat whatever you want. In order to get the desired results, you got to put the right things into your body. Educate yourself with information that will give you the results you want. Learn what the food groups are, the side effects of having to much or too little of something and getting the right vitamins. The guy at the party obviously really didn’t care about getting in shape. When you are mentally lazy, ignorance will always be your bliss.

Engage Ur Core!!!

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