Fashion Can Hurt Your Health…No Joke

The only thing unfashionable these days is you not appearing in fashionable outfits regardless of its fit on you. Let’s face reality, it pays to look good and you obviously get treated with much more respect when you do.

Looking good is good business. However, when our comfort and health are no longer top priority, our fashion choices may end as hospital visits sooner than later. Here are some fashion health choices that would most likely hasten our visit to the doctor:

Undersized clothes
It’s either your size or it isn’t. Don’t try to squeeze into it. Our systems and bodies are designed to fit certain forms and positions and use or wearing of anything that tightens or deforms these parts will lead to several health issues

-Tight clothing around the chest can prevent maximum expansion of your chest, hence reducing your breathing and oxygen intake, this could make you feel light-headed.

-Tightness around the stomach area puts strain on the valve that allows flow of food in your digestive system. When this occurs, it could lead to reflux of food and heart burn.

-Muscle pains

-Body rashes from continuous contact and effect of moisture on that part of the body

*Extra tight head gears/scarfs (Gele) also counts as tight clothing.

We need to choose our under garments wisely – size, texture and style. For most women, stringy underwear called thongs seem fashionably sexy but they might not be the best. A thong rubs tight against the vagina and anus and has the potential to transmit bacteria from the anus to the vagina, more than other underwear types. By so doing, predisposes you to vaginal yeast and other urinary tract infection.

Cotton underwear is lightweight and allows air to pass through, making it unlikely for moisture to accumulate, hence it is the preferred choice. On the contrary, nylon, and other synthetic materials limit air flow and encourage the accumulation of moisture, encouraging infections.

Furthermore, ill-fitted bras can lead to back, neck and breast pain, breathing difficulties and skin irritation.

The popular slimming underwear popularly called ‘body magic’, does more than get you into shape or smaller sized clothes. These ‘control’ underwear put increased pressure on the stomach, also leading to heartburn, breathing problems and digestive problems.

Nowadays, we could assess a woman’s worth by the height and design of her shoes. Nearly true, but that is a far cry for the standard by which her health should be assessed as we don’t know how many sessions of foot massages she goes through after taking off those lovely high heels.

High heels are not meant to be an everyday shoe. They change your stability and posture because they force you to place all your body weight on the ball of the foot. Regularly wearing high heels can put pressure on your joint, tendons, and bones predisposing to fractures, strains, arthritis. Going for high heels with pointed shapes can be considered a double health risk.

High heels are not the only shoes to be weary of when you think about your health. Flip flops are very flat and when compared to high heels would be considered comfortable. However, flip flops do not have any arch support and without this support the band of tissue known as plantar fascia that runs along the bottom of your foot will become stretched and inflamed, causing pain and other injuries.

While it is great to use make up to enhance your beauty, it’s also nice not to overdo it.
Every woman would want the perfect eyelashes but unfortunately we can’t all have it. Fixing and dying of our lashes exposes us to dangerous chemicals that can cause allergies (itchiness, watery eyes) and possibly blindness. These are worse when applied by an inexperienced beautician.

What’s your choice of a bag? Is it the bigger the better or the heavier the better? Big bags put a strain on your neck and shoulder and even your posture. Even if you don’t feel the pain while you are carrying it, it might occur over time.

Besides the pain on your body, you are most likely going to drop your handbags on tables and floors if they are too heavy. That increases the possibility of picking up germs from all kinds of dirty surfaces your bag will come in contact with.

While women are major culprits, men aren’t innocent of these health hurting crimes

Tight underwear
Tight undergarments and jeans/trousers prevent the spermatic cord (a part of the male genital organ) to move freely. This leads to twisting with resultant testicular torsion. Testicular torsion is a medical emergency where the blood supply to the testicles is cut off due to the twist and immediate surgery is needed to relieve it.

Tight jeans also cause compression of some of your nerves causing tingling and numbness in affected areas. Fungal infections and low sperm count due to increased warmth in the groin area are other possible health effects.

The list can go on and on but the underlying fact is don’t let your fashion choice ruin your health.

Who says you have to pay a health price for looking good? No one, so you don’t have to:

-Get a specialist to help you figure out your clothing sizes; be sure to leave room for blood circulation

-If you want to choose 1 or 2 sizes smaller, then try to invest some time exercising and dieting so you could fit in

-Some clothes are for celebrity performances and are usually worn for a short time. Tight jean all day long is a ‘no-no’, especially for men.

-Make wise decisions when choosing your underwear. Style, fit and material type should be considered and aim for cotton underwear

-If you don’t really need that extra purse or books or make up, drop it and move, or travel light. And if you must carry them then opt for rolling bags.

-Don’t spend the cash on foot massages, spend it on the right shoes. Comfort and balance is top priority.

-If you must wear high heels, be sure it’s not for long hours and choose ones with wider toe areas and thicker heels.

-It’s understandable that we might need to walk long distances, but flip flops are for beaches. Invest in flat and comfortable shoe or thicker slippers that keep your feet off the ground.

-It’s best to avoid fake eye lashes but see doctor if you really need an advice on your eye lashes.

Be safe out there.

Dr. Nkiru Orajiaka is a Product Advisor for Hugh Alies
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