Fitness Delusions Of Grandeur!

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Hello again fitness people and those who are not so much!! I’d really like to drive it home, the purpose of you getting and staying fit. In this fascinating culture of ours, there seems to be a delusion about what is considered fit, so much so what is considered healthy. The first thing, a majority of my clients tell me before they sign up is “I wanna focus on my stomach, thighs, arms or butt”! I immediately let them know, that the purpose is not to dwell or focus on these areas. Simply because that’s not what fitness is about. If you’ve noticed, athletes usually have sculpted bodies, now a lot of the beautiful lines and symmetry comes from constant and consistent training. The factors that may lead to success are not compromised. What’s the point of it looking good if it can’t perform, right? Then again most athletes don’t really think about that, they focus more on their performances and how they can better it.

This brings me to you, regular Joe and Jane! You don’t have to do it for a living; you simply need to do it to maintain a healthy mind and body. It’s a lot simpler compared to what professional athletes have to do. Now don’t get me wrong it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work as hard, but to get the desired results, a good strong effort is needed every time you work out.

New medical and fitness research studies are often published. Medical and fitness information are frequently updated. Just a little over 60 years ago people did not know that smoking was bad for you. Its focus was on taste and image. As you can see, all over the world that has changed, though the habits haven’t. My point is…what we thought was healthy here within our culture has to evolve into a healthy consciousness. Being overweight does not represent wealth in any shape or form. It just clearly shows that you are the complete opposite. Some might say that’s just a matter of opinion, though having a little weight might look good on some, it’s still not considered healthy. You are really supposed to have just enough to sustain your bodies’ functions. I’m yet to meet someone who consciously wants to be unhealthy. “Unhealthy is Un-wealthy”!!

When I started my personally designed workout program, I had an objective in mind, I started leaning out (burning fat), and the first thing that friends and family whom had not seen me in a while asked was if I was ill! It is a sad fact that we still relate weight loss to being ill or sick. Now what led me to design this program for myself was really because I didn’t like how I was feeling. I had a high BMI (Body Mass Index) and a high BFP (Body Fat %). I was constantly getting sick with malaria or something. What we don’t seem to realise is our bodies’ also need to be fit in order to defend itself. A strong immune system is priceless!

Before I started my programme, I was playing flag football every Sunday and I would be so sore the next day, I soon realised my muscles were working too hard to sustain my weight. I had a lot of both muscle and fat. Muscle is heavier that fat but the extra weight I was carrying didn’t make it easy on them. I’d be cramping and dehydrated, it made me grumpy and uncomfortable, soon after I would fall ill with something. This became an annoying pattern. I decided to balance the two. I was lifting enough weight to get cut and lean and I was doing enough Plyo-Cardio-Crossfit exercises to moderate my body fat. Half way through my programme I was already getting results, my endurance level was higher and my muscles were more conditioned. I felt great!! I slept well, woke up energised and ready to do all over again.

Working out also trains the brain. Communication between the nerves endings are accelerated, there by quickening your reflexes. The benefits of fitness are literally endless!

Comments to Fitness Delusions Of Grandeur!

  • great enjoyed this article

    lins June 13, 2015 5:27 pm Reply
  • I agree that excercise trains the brain. I started out running about 3 or so years ago, and i realised while i could run 10km without stopping, my stomach was still jiggly, so i decided to include target excercises. At the onset, its easy to just want to excercise, but i think along the line we all get delusional and start picking target areas.

    pynk June 13, 2015 5:28 pm Reply
  • My first personal trainer in Virginia was my brother Ponle. He is very knowledgable about training. I would highly recommend anyone to utilize his services because this guy eat, sleep and breath working out. Besides we have only one body why not appreciate buy eating the right foods backed by a great workout program. Change your mindset by creating your own reality with just your thoughts of the new person that you want to become. Age isn’t a factor, its inevidivable but it’s up to you how you get there. It start with application and consistent dedication. Thank you Ponle for training me! I’m a living witness.

    Micheal June 13, 2015 5:31 pm Reply

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