Fruit Of The Week: Soursop

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Soursop is a fruit that comes from a tree in the rain forests of Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. It is now in season in our beautiful Nigeria. Its scientific name is Annona muricata, and also known as graviola, cherimoya, guanabana, soursop, custard apple, and brazilian paw paw.

fruit-of-the-week-soursop-1In many countries, people use the bark, leaves, root, and fruits of this tree for traditional remedies. The active ingredient is thought to be a type of plant compound (phytochemical) called annonaceous acetogenins.

The content of soursop fruit include the following:

-Vitamin C: Soursop is very rich in Vitamin C. A natural and potent antioxidant to enhance the immune system and slow the aging process.

-Phosphorus: These minerals are essential for the formation of bone mass, which is useful to form strong bones and prevent osteoporosis.

-Potassium: Beneficial in the prevention of hypertension.

-Rich in Fiber: The fibrous content of Soursop is delightful and nutritious. Helps with bowel regularity and lowering cholesterol.

-Iron: A natural source to supplement our daily iron needs and help prevent anemia.

-High in vitamins B1, B2.

Medicinal Benefits: Soursop is a delicious and healthy fruit and it is used medicinally to treat illness ranging from stomach ailments to worms.

-The seeds, which have anti-emetic properties, can be used in the treatment of vomiting.
-The leaf decoction is effective for head lice and bedbugs.
-The crushed fresh leaves can be applied on skin eruptions to promote healing.
-The juice of the fruit can be taken orally as a remedy for urethritis, haematuria and liver ailments.
-The juice when taken when fasting, it is believed to relieve liver ailments and leprosy.
-To speed the healing of wounds, the flesh of the soursop is applied as a poultice unchanged for 3 days.
-A decoction of the young shoots or leaves is regarded as a remedy for gall bladder trouble, as well as coughs, catarrh, diarrhea, dysentery, fever and indigestion.
-Mashed leaves are used as a poultice to alleviate eczema and other skin problems and rheumatism.
-The root bark is used as an antidote for poisoning.
-Soursop flowers are believed to alleviate catarrh.
-Decoction of leaves used as compresses for inflammation and swollen feet.

Benefit of soursop fruit include effect as anti-tumor (anti-cancer). In addition to cancer benefits, soursop fruit acts as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungus (fungi), anti-parasitic/worms, anti-high blood pressure, anti-depressant, anti-stress and helps the nervous system.

A few different ways you can enjoy your soursop: As a whole fruit, add to fruit salad, soursop juice, soursop ice cream, soursop yogurt, soursop ice, jams, tarts.

Enjoy your creamy soursop the way you want!!

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