Get Better With Age.

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The longer wine, scotch, whiskey or brandy is aged the better it gets. As humans we should be the same, aging well means living a healthy and active lifestyle.

While on a trip to Dubai for the Dubai rugby 7s tournament I felt excited and confident that I would play and perform well. My friends, team mates and I had been training and practicing for months preparing for the matches. Now during my trip I turned 40 which meant I was on the vets team, nobody on the team was younger than 38 and the oldest of us was 53. We played with heart, we played like gladiators. The consistency in training and proper nutrition really gave us an advantage over our opponents and we won the championship plate.

I’ve got to say that this just further proves to me that the better you treat your body the better it will treat you.Your body will always give as good as it gets. Now those who know me know that my training can get pretty intense, LOL, but as you start getting more conditioned you start feeling more confident in your performance. Your energy levels higher, you are more alert and your reflexes are quicker. Now a lot of these guys were former pro athletes but have maintained a lifestyle that keeps them going. I have to say that I don’t feel any different from 5 or 6 years ago. I’m sure that has to do with my working out, eating healthy, staying active and getting regular checkups. Speaking of checkups I’m due for my next prostate exam. SMH.

Well it’s better safe than sorry. Looking healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you are. As you get older you must make frequent visits to your doctor. In my 20s I was going once a year, in my 30s I went twice a year and now that I’m in my 40s he’ll be seeing much more of me, no pun intended…Lol

Engage Ur Core!!!!

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