Go Speed Racer …Motorcross Is Here

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Eden Lifestyle is honoured to have stumbled upon this little gem right here in Nigeria. Motorcross Naija brings together Power bike enthusiasts, motocross racers and okada riders, all in one monthly spectacular that is both thrilling and entertaining. Judging from the pictures, you can see what it means to the participants.

Motocross is a form of Motorcycle Sport or all terrain vehicle racing held on enclosed off road circuits. It combines the French word “moto” from Motorcycle with the word “cross” from the English word Cross Country. BMX or Bicycle Motocross is the equivalent sport for non-motorized dirt bikes. The first Motocross Race, straight to finish, took place in Camberley, Surrey in 1924.

Motocross was introduced to the United States in 1966 from where it experienced explosive growth. The first Stadium Motocross Event was held in 1972 at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Motocross events are held in many parts of the world and recently in such places as Chile, South Africa, Japan, Australia and Indonesia.

With the above brief history, it becomes conspicuous that Nigeria, the country with the largest black population in the world is not represented. MotocrossNaija aims to change all that. Motocross is governed worldwide by the Federation Internationale de Motorcyclisme (FIM) with federations in many nations.

Participation in motocross race days is limited to one Senior Category of the 450cc. Participants in this category must be over 18 years of age and must possess and present a current professional Bike Riders license duly issued by the Federal Road safety Commission (FRSC) of Nigeria. Riders and participants at MENiac Global Sports Ltd events must be made to recognize that the sports of motocross is a dangerous and can lead to serious injury o r even death, like in other many other sports e.g. boxing. Riders must therefore sign a contract form acknowledging the risks, dangers and their obligations before participating in any race. Spectators must stay within defined land perimeters designed to eliminate/minimize accidents that might arise from contact with bike riders during races. Failure to do so absolves organizers of any claim in case of any accidents to spectators. Race circuits will be designed with the intent to be as safe and as exciting as possible for both participant and spectators.


At each pre-qualifying event and on race days, qualified medical personnel and equipment will however be on stand-by to provide first aid medical assistance in case of injury and possible transport to hospital, if required.

MENiac Global Sports Ltd will carry out alcohol and drug testing all participants prior to taking part in any event. Failure to record a reading within legal and safe limits described by law will lead to disqualification from participating in the event.
Wearing of protective riding gear by participants at all of motocrossNaija events is compulsory and will undergo an on the spot training and assessment of skill capacity before granted use of motocrossNaija dirt road bikes. MotocrossNaija aims to provide a much safer environment for riders than they would otherwise experience in their daily riding conditions.

Ultimately however, we hope to steer the passion and love of the great outdoors of motocross enthusiasts to create a unique family centered event designed towards providing a mutually beneficial relationship between motocrossNaija and dirt road enthusiasts.

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