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Hello, I thought I should just share this with you. I absolutely love trying out new natural food, ointments, moisturizers, essential oils etc. I’m a total sucker for anything natural. I would like to talk to you about that fantastic leaf next door a.k.a ugu. My daily routine is to drink a glass of ugu juice first thing in the morning, sometimes at lunch time and last thing before bedtime. I noticed three distinct changes in my system


  • That horrid monthly cramp did not rear its head any more
  • Healthy bowel movement
  • A burst of energy, no panting just going up and down the stairs in the office.

It’s actually very easy to prepare. Here is how I go about it. Freshly plucked ugu  smells green like just after a light shower of rain. Go for the healthier looking leafs than the limp ones that are already getting dehydrated.

  1. Pluck the leaves off the stem and wash very well do not squeeze
  2. Fill the blender with the washed leaves and pour room temperature water half way of the blender.
  3. Blend until liquid for about a minute or 2 maximum.
  4. Pour content through a sieve.
  5. Store in a container or bottle and refrigerate.

Well easy said if electric power supply is constant.

It is better to blend an amount that can be consumed in 2days if well refrigerated. Taste is a lot better when it’s fresh.  I sometimes add skimmed milk to the ugu for a different feel; I’m looking at trying it with a little ginger or apples. What do you think?  What happens to the left over paste after blending?  I cook as my regular vegetable soup. This way nothing goes to waste. Cool  hun!  It reminds me of soup I enjoy from   Sierra Leone.   It’s made from finely shredded or bruised cassava leaves.

Alero Eghagha is a health enthusiast ccurrently working at CoolFM in Lagos.

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