Healthy Is The New Skinny

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Arise fashion week 2012 was amazing, 1 week, about 77 designers, and a bunch of catwalk models, all enough to have you calling your personal trainer in a panic. Most people accepted a long time ago that they will never be ‘catwalk’ thin, some don’t even want to be. We are africans, its just not in our genetic make-up, and as for the 0.01% of you that are model-thin, please don’t tell us how you can eat anything you want and just don’t seem to put own weight.

Since Eve took a bite out of that infamous apple, fashion and body type have gone hand in hand throughout the ages. For women, and more recently for men, it has bordered on obsessive. Women have made themselves sick trying to aspire to the ever elusive single digit sizes. Being a size 0 is a career in itself and is just not realistic and, in alot of cases, is just so 2010. Healthy and fit is in, and even the designers got that memo.

More and more clothes are being designed with a healthy body type in mind. The clothes themselves are slimming, cut to hold you in all the right places. A healthier, active lifestyle does make an huge difference to how we look on the outside, and feel on the inside.

A mindset of paying attention to what we eat and drink, and regular exercise can transform you over time, resulting in a feeling of well-being that is matched by very little else. Even the gorgeous models won’t have you reaching for the depression-beating ice cream in your freezer when you get home.

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  • great write up

    Pynk June 13, 2015 5:58 pm Reply
  • 10 thumbs up for balanced articles like this one. Regardless of our body type, thin or thick we should all aspire for healthy

    Ifeoma June 13, 2015 5:59 pm Reply

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