If There’s No Pain, You’ll Gain Nothing

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I often run into people that want to lose weight, get fit and back in shape, but the problem I commonly encounter is their unwillingness to make the changes that will give them the desired results. The reality of it all is this; you have to eat right and exercise consistently. I hate to break it to y’all but there are no shortcuts to getting fit and in shape.

When people say to me that they can’t give up certain foods that is clearly not helping their situation, it really surprises me because most of these people are logical and well exposed. If you know you have to do certain things to get a specific result and are sure of what the outcome will be, why not just do it?

In all my years in fitness and wellness, I’ve come to realise that the overwhelming feeling of exhaustion and anxiety is translated as a negative feeling. It does not feel good and to say the least, uncomfortable. But my theory is this; you’ve got to look at this as starting a whole new lifestyle, a long, slow distance that ultimately saves your life. It took you are while to get to where you are now, so it’s gonna take some time to get back in shape. That is simply the anatomical design of things.

Eating right and exercising comes down to choice. Choose to eat right, choose to exercise daily and renew your commitment on a daily basis to what you want and you will get the results you are looking for. It’s the same thing you’ve done most of your life, study hard, go to college, graduate, get your dream job and be happy. It’s a same principle.

The saying “No pain, No gain” means exactly that, if there’s no pain, you’ll gain nothing.

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