Introducing Reelfruit: Feel Good About Snacking

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Dried Fruit: A healthy, delicious, new snack.
Snacking has become part and parcel of today’s busy lifestyle. With work, family, and various other commitments, eating ‘on-the-go’ is more the norm than the exception. The routine of ‘three square meals’ is making way for ‘grazing’ throughout the day.

The variety of snacks is wide and are available everywhere; The plantain chips and pastries that we buy while we’re stuck in traffic; the doughnut, meat pie or scotch egg that accompanies our meal at fast-food restaurants. We know it’s not the best, but healthy and convenient options are lacking.

There are very few snacks that can be considered healthy. None of the snacks mentioned above offer much more nutrients other than carbohydrates, and some are made of the bad stuff: fried, with saturated fats, and added sugars, refined flour with no fibre. If snacking is here to stay, healthier options that suit our lifestyles are necessary. We should have a win-win snack: one that tastes great, and is nutritional. Enter Reelfruit.

Reelfruit is a range of delicious, 100% dried fruit, containing all the flavour and health benefits of fresh fruits (high in vitamins, minerals, fibre, natural sugars), with no added preservatives or sugars. Reelfruit is an easy and tasty way to get the recommended ‘5-a-day’ servings of fruit and vegetables. One portion of ReelFruit offers 2 servings of fresh fruit.

What could be better than indulging in a tasty treat, while giving your body the nutrients it needs? Keeping a selection of dried fruits on hand makes it easy to treat yourself and your whole family to a delicious and nourishing snack. Studies have shown that dried fruit is a treasure chest of nutrients. And because it keeps for a year, you get to enjoy your favourite fruits when they are out of season.

Next time you’re stuck in traffic, approaching the mid-afternoon slump at work, or out and about, have a pack of Reelfruit handy. Your best snacking decision yet!

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