Kick Your Sugar Addiction

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A lot of people have a serious sugar addiction and anyone who’s ever tried to cut sugar from their diet will tell you how difficult it is. We’re here to reassure you that it’s a lot harder than it sounds. Ok maybe I’m just speaking for myself, I definitely find it a struggle. However there are ways to gradually reduce your intake and ultimately phase it out completely.

On average we can consume up to 23 teaspoons of sugar per day, some consume more. Here are some tips to start your own reduction. Make no mistake, this is a necessity, not punishment. Most people know the dangers of sugar consumption, these same people don’t apply it to their lives.

Cut Out Sodas
First replace it with diet soda to reduce calories while still having your sweetness fix. Then, after a week, make the switch to soda water with a slice of citrus. You are immediately cutting out up to 10 teaspoons of sugar per day.

Sweeten Yogurt Naturally
Fruit-on-the-bottom yogurts can contain almost 30 grams of sugar, much of it added. Opt for plain and mix in blueberries or sprinkle on cinnamon. That’s 2-4 teaspoons of sugar reduced per day.

Snack On Whole Foods And Grains
Instead of energy bars, candy, and cookies, eat nuts, vegetables, and fiber-rich fruits (like apples, pears, and berries) or whole grains, like popcorn. You would be reducing your sugar intake by 5-10 teaspoons full.

Dilute Your Fruit Juice
Fruit drinks account for about 10 percent of the added sugar in our diets. Mix your juice with an equal amount of water and you’ll halve the calories.
Change Your Cereal
Shelve the Frosted Flakes for steel-cut oats. Stir in a half scoop of vanilla protein powder for a sweetness kick. You’ll add about 10 grams of protein and save 2-4 teaspoons of sugar.

Pick Your Own Dessert
Grilled fruit makes a great dessert, providing a sweetness hit with a healthy dose of fiber. Our top picks: peaches, grapefruit, and watermelon. That’s up to 10 teaspoons full right there.

Good luck, people.

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