Making Up Your Mind On What Matters!

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If it’s not burning then you are not doing a damn thing!! There are some workouts for certain parts of your body that just doesn’t feel good when you are working on them, that’s why we end up focusing more on a body part that feels good or gives a little pleasure.

In order for you to have symmetry and precise proportion you’ve got to change up your workouts weekly. You cannot do the same routine every week. Your body will adjust and you’ll end up over working the same body parts.

At BodyByPonz Fitness we have designed a program that creates muscle confusion. This method of training does just that, it confuses the body, that way your muscles have to work much harder because of the unexpected shock of having to compensate. A combination of Plyo-Aerobic-Cross Fit exercises triggers the brain sensors, the unexpected change then forces the body to compensate. The arteries dilate, which then gets more oxygenated blood to the muscles there by building your endurance and conditioning.

Have you noticed some people who seem to have bigger upper bodies than their lower and vice versa? This is due to over working that body part or parts. It is very necessary to create a balance in your workouts. It’s not like you’d wear a shirt with only one sleeve right, so why direct more blood flow to one part of the body than the other? When you don’t even out your blood flow, it could result in blood clots, weak limbs and sometimes gangrene. Fitness is married to wellness; they work hand in hand to give you a clean bill of health.

One of the reasons I recommend people hire a personal trainer is to get you; and in some cases force you over your plateau. When those fitness demons possess you and continuously tell you that you’ve done enough after only fifteen minutes, you need a trainer to “Exercise” those demons out of you. There’s really no limit to how fit or how well you can be. You just have to keep envisioning an endless and limitless feeling of fitness.

My 65 year old mother plays with her grand kids all day and wares them out. This is after having back surgery for a slipped disk from being overweight for many years. What does that tell ya? The only person that’s usually standing in the way of you getting in shape is you. This is where the 3Ds come in. I tell my clients to keep it simple, if you are doing enough to elevate your heart rate every day for 45 minutes to an hour, you’ve gotten a workout. IT’S ALL ABOUT FLOW!!!

A daily routine with the proper diet, low and high intensity exercises and the “3Ds”, you are on your way to being a pillar of health my friend!!

Engage Ur Core!

Comments to Making Up Your Mind On What Matters!

  • i hate working out legs, why does it seem so much more difficult that upper body

    jonser June 14, 2015 11:19 pm Reply
  • abeg working out is not easy.if i try praise me jo!

    sola June 14, 2015 11:19 pm Reply
  • it is the hardest thing to do not with the terrible economy.

    tope June 14, 2015 11:19 pm Reply
  • those that do the real thing i envy them but don’t bank on me joining this elite group.

    matt June 14, 2015 11:19 pm Reply
  • i will encourage my kids to start early so that they can imbibe the complete package

    tony June 14, 2015 11:20 pm Reply

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