Managing Depression: Part 2

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Some tips for learning to control worry and reducing negative thinking.

  • Immediately you start worrying about a problem, distinctly write down the problems
  • Once this is done, systematically complete a problem solving exercise. Address each problem by examining all the positive and negative outcomes that may occur
  • Think through how realistic your negative thoughts are
  • Explore other thoughts and explanations for the circumstances
  • Keep a record of these more helpful ways of thinking
  • Avoid excessively discussing negative thoughts and encouraging negative feelings amongst others
  • Focus only on positive aspects of situations
  • Keep your mind busy and focused on tasks
  • Avoid unproductive thoughts
  • Think only positive thoughts
  • Make a list of your skills, talents, and achievements
  • Identify and appreciate the three most beautiful things in your environment
  • Remember the times when you were really happy
  • Set aside a “worry time” about 20 minutes only daily, do nothing else but think about your problems. Once the time allocated is over leave all your concerns behind and begin thinking only positive thoughts. If you’re tempted to think about your worries, remember that you have allocated time for this and immediately revert your thoughts only to positive ones
  • Keep a journal of your thoughts, identify the negative ones and correct them
  • Do not make any major life decisions while depressed.i.e quitting your job, getting married, ending a marriage e.t.c.

Other symptoms are irritability, agitation and fatigue.

As a normal part of depression the feelings of irritability, agitation and fatigue are often compounded by changes in sleeping patterns and negative thinking.

Tips on how to manage feelings of irritability and agitation.

  • Communication: Take the time to educate and advise key support people close to you about what you are going through. This helps them understand when you appear irritable or agitated and not because you are unhappy with them
  • Regularly thank them for their support and provide feedback on how they can best continue to support you
  • When you start feeling irritable or agitated, stop and ask yourself what is causing these emotions. If it is a negative thought apply the steps highlighted above. If you feel fatigued, space out your activities for moments of respite. If you feel unmotivated, incorporate some enjoyable activities into your daily routine and schedule.
  • Practice regular relaxation activities.
  • Seek professional help regularly.


To over come depression you Must Speak Positively and Believe what you say.

The reason is that negative words and beliefs are potent poisons that feed and foster depression.

Your words and beliefs influence your feelings and ultimately create your future experiences.

Negative words, beliefs, feelings create Negative experiences.

Positive words, beliefs, feelings create Positive experiences.

“The Power of life and death lies in the tongue”.

“You have what you say; Man experiences that which he regularly confesses”.

“If only you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes”.

“If you say to this mountain be thou removed and cast into the see, and you do not doubt in your heart, you will have tat which you say”.

I have prepared this special Anti Depression – Happiness Affirmation just for you.


I am Happy Today and Everyday.
I Let Go.
I Release myself into Positivity.
I Recognize my Positive Patterns.
I have a Positive Mental Attitude.
I ONLY See, Think, Hear, Feel, and Say, that which I Desire.
I have only Powerful and Positive Thoughts.
I Confess only Positive and Empowering Words.
I have Powerful and Positive Feelings.
I take Deliberate and Positive Action Always.
I Live In the NOW.
I Love and appreciate my Life as it is NOW.
I Therefore Deliberately Create the future of my dreams NOW.
My Attention is Focused on Great and Positive things that I can do today
I am my Best Self.
I am Responsible for my Happiness and Well-being.
I Recognize the direct connection between my Positive and Empowering thoughts, inner feelings, beliefs, and my Phenomenal Achievements.
I therefore Positively Contribute to Creating all circumstances, situations, and the events in my life.
I Treat myself with Understanding and Respect in Every Situation, and in Every Encounter with others.
I Choose to Love and Value myself.
I Choose to Allow myself to be Treated with Respect and Appreciation.
I Embrace my Life as it is NOW.
I Love myself exactly as I am Now.
I am Constantly Improving and Growing.
I Live Purposefully.
I Give my Life Sense and Meaning.
I Know my True Purpose.
I Daily Live Purposefully.
I Find Fulfillment in ALL that I do.
I do what I Love.
I Love what I do.
I am Happy Today and Everyday.

Lanre Olusola Is Nigeria's Foremost Peak Performance Catalyst and Life, Mind and Health Coach Lanre brings years of extensive study spanning the fields of Engineering, Performance Improvement Management, Theology, Science, Human Behavioural Psychology, Governance, Organizational Design, Business Transformations and MetaMedicine. He is an alumnus of the world-renowned Harvard Business School, Boston Massachusetts USA, An ASET, U.K certified Life coach. He Graduated as a Performance Coach from Europe's Number one Coaching institution; The Coaching Academy, U.K His Advanced studies in Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Quantum Physics, Led him to become an AAMET U.K. Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Wellness Coach and Therapist. Lanre Olusola is respected Nationally and Internationally for imparting exceptional problem solving, motivational, inspirational, human developmental, leadership and management skills. He has worked extensively with the UK Government through the Department for International Development (DFID), and the Nigerian Government, Various State Governments and Government agencies, and other International Donor Organizations such as The World Bank, and the British Council etc. He is Simply Called "The Chief Catalyst". The Olusola Lanre Trauma Clinic for Dana crash victims' family, friends, colleagues, spouses - we need sponsors. Victims should email Also text or call 08077077000, 08033951460 +2348055103850

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