New Health And Fitness Gadgets For 2013

There’s a boom happening in health and fitness products. At CES Consumer Technology Showcase 2013, held in Las Vegas, there was a whole exhibit hall dedicated to the category.

Health and fitness gadgets are already huge in the east but the west is catching up thanks to easy-to-use WiFi versions of household faves like bathroom scales and iPad blood pressure monitors. Here are some of the best health gadgets that were on show at the Vegas expo.

The upgraded Fitbit wristband is now a slinky all in one gadget that tracks your movements like a Nike Fuelband but also monitors your movements while sleeping, attempting to tell you if you had a good night’s sleep or shuffled around every five minutes. The Flex links with your smartphone via an app, though there’s small lights that blink to let you know if you’re close to reaching your goal, or number of steps, for the day.

The fitness keys are tracking devices that monitor movement and feed information back to an iPhone via Bluetooth.

The keys come in child or adult versions but, crucially, it’s exclusive iPhone games that encourage you to keep fit and reach your goals, whether it’s walking a long way or moving fast. Cute characters guide children and parents and the results can be shared via Facebook or a private group – like a mini social network – which you create for your charity walking target, for example.

This is a heart rate monitor for the gym which sends data back to an app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. The world first is that the armband also offers wireless track control for your smartphone music – you can be up to 10m away from your smartphone. You can also get audio prompts for real time feedback during a workout through your headphones which means there’s no excuse for slacking. In effect, the Schosche Rhythm is like a personal trainer in a wristband, without the chit chat…

If you like running outdoors and can’t be bothered with an app, this could be the watch for you. Integrated GPS and movement tracking builds an extremely detailed report based upon your run. You can download specific workouts online and contrast your map and distance with your heart rate which is also tracked every second and contrasted with the time you’ve been running and your speed. It’s the most detailed fitness tracker on the market, in-fact.

Appearing everywhere from Harrods to Hong Kong, this is a massage chair with a difference – you control it via an iPhone. The uDivine app tells you about massage in detail but uses the feedback from the chair to offer recommendations for your massage session. Osim aren’t stopping there either – they’re currently producing the world’s first massage sofa called the uSoffa Runway. Yes, really.

This watch style device may look simple but it’s a very clever gadget for the hearing impaired. The face will show a phone and vibrate when it detects a nearby ringtone sound. Similarly the system detects abnormal sounds and asks you to be cautious when outside – when approaching traffic for example.

When it’s not in use, a simple clock replaces any alerts and it also connects to Wi-Fi for emergency calls. It’s certainly the most attractive gadget we’ve seen for the hearing impaired.

Scales that connect to your Wi-Fi? What’s the point of that? Interestingly, weight data is recorded online so you can live in denial about your progress. Want to see how your weight fluctuates through the year? It’s now possible and you won’t need to do anything as once connected to your home network, as data is automatically recorded every time you step on the scales which could be concerning during the early weeks of January…

Blood pressure gadgets have been working their way into stores for over a year but it’s this iPad compatible one that looks the most promising. Working with iPad or iPhone, the dedicated app shows a complex breakdown based upon time of day and you can even email the results, though we’re not sure who would be interested, other than your doctor…

Konami are the makers of video games like the 30 year old classic Frogger and modern masterpiece Metal Gear Solid. Konami is also the original maker of the dance mat arcade game in DanceDance Revolution and now Konami has created a giant screen ‘Classroom Edition’ of the same game.

It’s been championed by none other than Michelle Obama who says “We got it at Camp David, and it will make you sweat. And it is addictive in a very natural way. The President still can’t do it”. The mega version can support 48 dance mats and comes loaded with over 300 songs from Sony.

The name is amusing and the actual purpose is funny too. The dinky robot moisturises your face via air and steam, each suggesting three courses for daily use. That’s Aqua Soothing which explains itself as a ’20 minute nano facial’ while the Essence Volumer mode releases smells for aromatherapy. There’s a mode to be used before you put on makeup too, suggesting that this gadget sits on top of a table or chest of drawers.


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