Nigeria: Where There Is Life There Is Hope

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Nigeria you are huge, is not a derogatory statement, it’s an observation. I have been to Nigeria many times in the last year, each time I get here, I see people struggling with their health. Young people in their 40’s. Are you aware that most ailments are fitness related, or should I say lack of fitness? From blood pressure, menopause, acne, arthiritis, depression, which are subjects that I will be discussing with you in the near future. However, the biggest problem is being overweight and obesity. Admittedly it is a global problem; however my concern is my African brothers and sisters.

I have decided to take you on a journey; those of you who wish to come with me you are more than welcome, those of you who don’t that is your choice. Exercise is the only way forward, for a better life, well being, and keeping you alive for a few more years. I decided a little while ago, that the only person that can look after me is me. No one else, I had to get myself in the mind set to get fit, learn to walk, learn to dance, and most of all learn to live. I had to get mentally strong, ‘let go and let live’.

I agree it is easy for someone else to throw words at you, unless you are ready to make that change yourself it will never happen. I also know that if you don’t have someone to hold your hand and guide you, it can seem impossible to make this drastic change to your life. Exercise must be the core of your existence.’ Really’ I hear you say. Exercise does not mean going to the gym 5 times per week, or running every morning, even though that would be fantastic. You should be able to do exercise wherever you are, whether it is at work, in the office, at the bus stop, when you are driving, even in bed. We at the Eryca Freemantle camp will be guiding you how to make subtle and drastic changes to your life. First and foremost you must want to do it. We can’t do it for you. Remember before pursing any type of exercise, you should consult your doctor.

There is no need to be so overweight. Unless there are medical reasons, we have to get a grip of what is going on. You are killing yourself, why? due to ignorance, fear, and laziness. To become fit is a mind set. My intention is not to overload you with facts and figures and science, I will leave that to everyone else, my objective is to look at the emotional reasons, and most of all get rid of the fat, regardless the reasons. Results that what I want. AGREED!

I work with some of the world’s skinniest women, which I don’t think is attractive either. However, the reality is we need to look at what we are consuming and why we consume so much. Each individual should have the right to be comfortable in their own skin. I believe big is beautiful, big, beautiful and confident. What ever the size. There is nothing more seductive and sexy than seeing a man or woman on the slightly bigger side, which carries themselves with grace, etiquette, class, and wear clothes that fit. I am tired of seeing people, wearing clothes that do not fit them. Whether it be the size, or style, or just following trends. I often wonder if they have a mirror in their house, or have any friends that really like them. Nigeria trust me, I am not critizing you I am being honest with you sharing with you my observations. Sharing with your comments made to me, by other Nigerian’s about each other. I am not Nigerian, I am British with Jamaican parents (I believe originally from Nigeria) trust me I see evidence in Jamaica and in the UK, obesity is huge. That’s without touching on the USA. That is another conversation for another day.

Why Nigeria? I have been working with various different governments across Africa looking at this problem of Obesity. On my travels, I have seen for myself, the problem is huge in Nigeria. Unfortunately being obese leads to many ailments, the biggest is heart attacks.

The most common form of heart disease among adults is coronary heart disease. It happens when the coronary arteries- the arteries that bring oxygen-rich blood to your heart muscles become blocked or narrowed because of fatty deposits called Atheroma. I have to also inform you about Angina. Angina is the chest pain or discomfort that can occur when your heart does not get enough blood and oxygen because the coronary arteries have become narrowed. Angina can be brought on by physical activity or emotional stress, or it can sometimes happen when you are resting. If a piece of artheroma breaks off it may cause a blood clot to form. This blood clot may block the coronary artery, causing part of the heart to be starved of oxygen-rich blood and become permaently damaged. This is a heart attack.

One more thing I wish to share with you. Coronary heart disease is more likely to happen if you have certain risk factors. A risk factor is something that increases the risk of getting a disease. The main risk factors for coronary heart disease are:
Smoking, High Blood Pressure, High Blood Cholesterol, Physical Inactivity, BEING OVERWEIGHT, Diabetes and having a family history of coronary heart disease. Individuals are dying younger, due to sheer ignorance. Having gone through my own journey in life.

I decided that Nigeria is the place to commence our campaign on our Life Changing programme. It is very simple and will give you the confidence that you use to have before you piled on the extra pounds. There are many of you who are on the slightly larger size, very comfortable in your skin. My lessons may not be for you, the campaign is directed at those of you who want change, want health, wish to live longer, want to be admired by others, desperately wanting to fit in that skirt you were able to wear last year, jump in those trousers that fitted you beautifully. For those beautiful, handsome Nigerian men that I see all over the world, wanting to impress us, but may not have seen their knees for a long time (EMBRACE IT).

Throughout the coming months, I will be sharing with you lots of the most common concerns around exercise. Some reasons why people don’t exercise. There was a lady that once said to me I can’t exercise because I don’t want my make up to run, I had to introduce her to Keromask, which is waterproof, smudge proof and heat resistance. I wear it to cover my scars on a daily basis. It gave me that added confidence needed. The best thing is that it can be applied to any where on the body. There is no need to use that excuse any more. With every series I write I will add a small extract why juicing is good for you. A guide to the health benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable juicing. Most important how juicing can aid many ailments. Today it is: Weight Control/ Obesity

Obesity is an excess of body fat. If you are 20% over the norm for your age, build and height you are considered obese. This could be lack of exercise, poor nutrition and emotional difficulties. To lose weight permantely the overweight individual must address all three areas. You must build fitness and change your eating habits. Obviously follow a basis diet, speak with your doctor before embarking on any changes. Remember the recipes alone can only work if you stick to the eating plan given to you by your doctor. This is only a guide; it does not necessarily work for everyone.

  1. Follow a basic diet. Consult your doctor.
  2. After you have accustomed yourself to this healthy way of eating, keep a food diary. Write down how you are feeling when you eat. (Remember I said, I am dealing with the emotional side of eating and exercise. For the first three days measure everything that goes into your mouth, and how you felt when you ate. Overweight people tend to underestimate their portion size. After two weeks review your diary to see if there is any times of day you feel stressed, that you can associate with over eating.
  3. Gradually realistically start to use your portion size. Together with your choice of exercise program, this over a period of time can result to weight loss. Never try and lose more than one to two pounds a week.
  4. Dilute your fruit juices with water to reduce calories.
  5. Drink at least 1 litre of water per day. You will be amazed.
  6. Reduce your intake of alcohol and smoking. With the view to eventually give up. Yes, that’s right.

I will give you one basic recipe this week for juicing. There are plenty others to come.

Low Sugar Pop
1 apple seeded, 1/4 lime, low fat sparkling water.
Juice the apple and lime. Pour juice into a tall glass; make sure there is ice in the glass. Fill glass to top with sparkling water.

Nigeria not to worry our fitness innovation and exercise regime will be live soon. Get ready to embark on change, lose weight, have fun, stay healthy, and live longer with exercise. Old fashioned basic hard core exercise.

Heart Disease information supplied by The British Heart foundation

Comments to Nigeria: Where There Is Life There Is Hope

  • i see the way people eat here in Nigeria, there is no discipline, we eat what we like, and wonder why we’re overweight. all our foods are fatty and oily. govt needs to launch some sort of campaign

    tundun June 14, 2015 10:03 pm Reply
  • i love this article, its so real. i have my own weight issues and i can tell people watch what they say around me, thank you for telling the truth

    kas June 14, 2015 10:03 pm Reply
  • does eden have any sort of programme i could sign up for, i love this site

    mercy June 14, 2015 10:03 pm Reply
  • The way i see life – God, Fitness, and the rest. My health is my wealth. I guard it jealously, many people call me a gym rat. Dont get me wrong, i dont always feel 100% everyday i go to the gym, but in the past 4 yrs since i started working out 4 to 6 days a week, my quality of life has improved drastically. I went from pushing a US size 10 to a stable 6, sometimes dropping to a 4 and panicking. Fitness keeps my mind more alert than it would be without excercise. As for the diet part, i try my best to keep my portions appropriate.

    pynkspyce June 14, 2015 10:03 pm Reply
  • Your article really hit home….The emotional side of overeating and obesity is often overlooked. Im looking forward to learning more as I progress on my journey to better health. One question though, do you have or intend to have a presence in Abuja? We need services like yours here. Im concerned that Eden Life caters only for Lagos!

    Amina June 14, 2015 10:04 pm Reply

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