Social Media Week Lagos Is Here

by on February 17, 20131 Comment Social Media Week Lagos Is Here

Social Media Week has kicked off here in Lagos, February 18th-22nd, 2013. This is a worldwide event exploring the social, cultural and economic impact of social media. The mission is to help people and...


Fashion Can Hurt Your Health...No Joke

by Nkiru Orajiaka on February 16, 20131 Comment Fashion Can Hurt Your Health...No Joke

The only thing unfashionable these days is you not appearing in fashionable outfits regardless of its fit on you. Let's face reality, it pays to look good and you obviously get treated with much more...


Finance And Romance

by on February 13, 20133 Comments Finance And Romance

Whether you are in a serious relationship, just recently married, or have been married for several years, money matters can be controversial if not handled carefully. When two people become a couple they...


A Pain In The Neck: Tension Headaches

by Sandra Brown-Peterside on February 4, 2013No Comments A Pain In The Neck: Tension Headaches

Do you suffer a stiff neck after a long days work? Or worse, do you get nagging headaches by the end of a working day? The long hours people often spend at work sitting in one position or working in...


Dandruff: "It's Snowing"

by on February 1, 20131 Comment Dandruff:

Dandruff is a term commonly used to describe the flaking that often takes place on the scalp and sometimes the face. Most individuals mistakenly think that it is as a result of dry skin, poor hygiene and...

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