Trying For A Baby

by MedPlus on November 27, 20121 Comment Trying For A Baby

Every couple is very excited by the idea of starting a new family. However, the discovery of possible fertility problems fuels the negative feelings of anxiety and frustration. If you don't get pregnant...


Do You Self-Medicate?

by on November 25, 20122 Comments Do You Self-Medicate?

Self-medicating is common practice in Nigeria and is not unfamiliar to the rest of the world. Just about everyone has practiced it at some point in their lives for a number of reasons, from convenience...


How To Perform 100 Push Ups

by on November 21, 20122 Comments How To Perform 100 Push Ups

The Push Up exercise has been around for hundreds of years. It's a great conditioning exercise for most muscles of the body and requires no equipment. In this post I'm going to break down this excellent...


Managing Depression: Part 2

by on November 16, 20121 Comment Managing Depression: Part 2

Some tips for learning to control worry and reducing negative thinking. Immediately you start worrying about a problem, distinctly write down the problems Once this is done, systematically complete a problem...


Lagos: Beautiful African City

by on November 13, 20128 Comments Lagos: Beautiful African City

Lagos is a memorable city, some have called it an attack on the senses. One day you're sitting in insane traffic on your way to an office with no light, and on another day you're on a boat heading to an...

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