Boost Your Metabolism

by on December 30, 20131 Comment Boost Your Metabolism

The secret to permanent weight loss is training your body to be a more efficient calorie-burning engine by maximizing your metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which a person burns energy, and this is...


The Post Christmas Detox

by on December 26, 2013No Comments The Post Christmas Detox

Kidneys These filter the excess protein that's stockpiled when you tuck into those extra-thick slabs of turkey, ham and goose. Drink a glass of cranberry juice each day - it's a powerful healing tonic...


Merry Christmas

by on December 24, 2013No Comments Merry Christmas

Eden Lifestyle wishes you all a Merry Christmas, thank you for your visits to our site. Have a wonderful holiday and be careful out there. God's gracious gift, His Son, which was announced on that long-ago...


Capoeira: The Forbidden Fight

by on December 16, 2013No Comments Capoeira: The Forbidden Fight

Capoeira originated in Brazil in the 1600s. The only indigenous American martial art, it was developed by African slaves in Brazil. Capoeira began to take form amongst the community of slaves that worked...

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