Neriah Naturals

Neriah Naturals is a brand of hand crafted hair products made especially for the African woman. We select the best natural ingredients to provide your hair with the most luxurious, delicious, and nourishing experience imaginable. Our line was specifically developed to assist African women in growing and maintaining healthy, lustrous hair.

Neriah Naturals Hair Transformation Package
Discovering that Afro hair can grow no matter how coarse the texture, is a huge relief to most African women and also a source of excitement and novelty. However, just having the knowledge that it is possible to grow Afro hair to longer lengths isn't enough. One must be armed with the tools and know-how in order to transform their hair into lush long locks.

Too long, have many African women been held to ransom by the unhealthy state of their hair. Forced to cover up breakage, thinning edges, bald spots, etc with hair extensions such as weaves and braids. Now as the world changes so does the take and knowledge on Afro hair care. Black women all of over the world are arming themselves with knowledge, and growing hair believed could never grow to astonishing lengths.

This is why The Black Beauty Fanatic and Eden Lifestyle have teamed up to offer the Neriah Naturals Hair Transformation Package. This package is specifically designed to assist and educate those who want to learn more about the health and growth of their hair.