Ponle Dekalu-Thomas

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Ponle Dekalu-Thomas the owner and founder of BodyByPonz Fitness. He is a sports medicine, fitness and wellness specialist and certified personal trainer. He studied and trained in North Carolina and Virginia in the United States.

I've been an athlete all my life and always knew I wanted to be involved in sports oriented activities. My Grandfather and father were great soccer(football) players for their hometown in Ogun State and hearing what great athletes they were lead me to want to emulate them.

At BodyByPonz Fitness we focus less on the vanity of fitness and more on its benefits.We live in a world where inflation is a constant; health care and medications are becoming increasingly expensive and scarce so why not apply the old saying of "prevention is better than a cure"?

My style of training focuses on just that. I take a good look at your lifestyle and design a program around you. Of course there are certain sacrifices that must be made by the client or athlete but in a gradual process. Old habits die hard, so getting someone who has lived a certain lifestyle that is an opposite of their fitness desires is not easy. We are all human so I''ve developed a step program that helps you along the way.

The 3Ds you need to have to succeed in achieving your fitness goals.


All 3 combined, will not only help you succeed but also mould your fitness character!Success is inevitable if you are consistent! Consistent in proper nutrition, consistent workout ethics, and consistent focus!