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Question: My hair tangles so much especially when I shampoo it. Do you have any suggestions on how to avoid so much breakage?
Answer: Yes, You can section your hair into loose twists and shampoo your hair in those sections to avoid knotting.

Question: For every inch of growth I get, I get the same amount of breakage so my hair never gets any longer. What could this be?
Answer: Your hair may not have enough moisture in the strands. You may need to deep condition your hair at least weekly. Or, there could be excessive stress in your life. Stress dries out your hair and skin. Also there may be chemical changes in your body such as menopause. Other factors that affect hair growth are birth control pills, immune deficiency, changes in medication, heavy medications, lack of important vitamins and minerals, poor dietary choices, excessive coffee drinking, excessive alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking, rough combing, using hair products that strip natural oils from your hair, not washing your hair on a regular basis, chlorine from the swimming pool, certain no-lye relaxers, bleaching and dyeing the hair frequently, applying a relaxer over an older relaxer instead of just the new growth, or leaving a relaxer on your hair too long. You will need to examine your hair regimen and lifestyle to determine which of these is contributing to your breakage and take steps to address the issue.

Question: Isn’t long hair hereditary?
Answer: Extremely long hair is hereditary, but hair that grows from 12 to 24, or even 28 inches is normal and achievable for most people. Ordinarily hair grows about 6-10 inches a year and sometimes more. I believe Afro textured hair can be that long or longer if you are re-educated on how to care for your hair.

Question: Why is my hair so dry?
Answer: Afro textured hair is a bit dry by nature, but more of the dryness has to do with what is lacking in your diet and using products that do not add moisture to the hair strands. Also not understanding how to care for your relaxed and permed hair can cause even more dryness.

Question: Is there another hairstyle besides braid extensions that I can wear to grow out my natural hair?
Answer: Yes, a natural style, or cornrows and twists.

Question: Can I wear extensions over my relaxer?
Answer: Yes, for a short period of time, no longer than 1 month. Use a braid spray to keep the moisture levels in your hair at a good level. As dryness can cause breakage.

Question: How long do I wait to put braid extensions back in after a relaxer?
Answer: Ideally, 2- 4 weeks or more if you prefer. Deep condition your hair weekly . Do this for all the time that your hair is out of the braids, then check for elasticity in your strands before you apply a relaxer. (See below.)
Check For Elasticity In Your Strands
Hold a couple of hair strands and slightly stretch. It should not snap. Allow the strand to slowly spring back. Test the strands in the most vulnerable areas: near the nape of the neck, right in the center back of your crown, right above the ears. If these strands spring back, then your hair has elasticity. Your strands are healthy. Still keep in mind to have a professional look at the condition of your hair before you apply relaxers, heat, braid extension, or any chemical applications.

Question: My hair line is gone. Can I get it back?
Answer: If your hair is damaged because of tight braids it can grow back but it will take a while. The follicle may be shocked and need rest. Only a dermatologist or Trichologist will know if your follicles are truly dead. Follicles can be revived with time by giving your scalp a rest. A full wig and wig cap lined with a gel will help you rest your scalp and follicles. Remove the wig daily so your scalp can breathe. If your hair line is gone due to sponge rollers, your hair can grow back if you stop wearing them and leave this area alone

Question: Why do I have dandruff when I keep my scalp clean?
Answer: These problems may indicate a zinc and/or omega 3 fatty acid deficiency. Omega 3 fatty acids help to prevent dry skin and a flaking scalp. Foods that are naturally rich in these fatty acids such as sardines, mackerel, trout, salmon and herring may help to prevent dandruff. If dandruff and scalp problems persist in spite of using shampoos and eating the right foods, consult your Dermatologist or Trichologist (hair and scalp doctor).

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