September Boot Camp

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Summer is over, and if like me, you have over-indulged in ice cream, cocktails and cake; either while you were away on holiday, or while attending the numerous events that have taken place in Lagos over the past few months, then you probably need a few ideas on how to get back in shape.

In a burst of enthusiasm last week, I signed up for Tony Ekaidem‘s Boot Camp which is an intensive 6 week programme for people of all levels of fitness. It is only day two, and as promised, I am feeling the burn. Using an inspired combination of circuit training, cardio drills, and weight/resistance training, Tony and his team take you through an hour-long work out that will get your muscles moving and help you achieve your fitness goals.

The atmosphere is great, and whether you’re there for weight loss or improved fitness, the exercises are as challenging as they are fun. We have each been given a fitness tracker to record our progress on a 12 point fitness test – the idea is that by the end of the programme, we should be able beat our first scores easily. I have joined the 6.30am class that holds on the Astro Turf at Fun Factory in Lekki Phase 1, but with alternatives such as the 5.30am class in Lekki or the 7.45am class in Ikoyi, there’s something for everyone.

Tony is an experienced Fitness Trainer and Martial Arts champion with a degree in Human Anatomy from the University of Calabar. In addition to Boot Camps, he runs various other programmes throughout the year, so check out his website for more information.

Of course, I will give you all an update in a couple of weeks to let you know how Boot Camp is going. Wish me luck!

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