Eden Wellness

Our Services can be categorized under the following

  • Personal Wellness
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Facilities Management/Development

Personal Wellness
  1. Health and fitness transformation packages
  2. Hair care and growth Transformation packages

Corporate Wellness
Eden Lifestyle has proposed a solution to assist people in the corporate world in achieving a wholesome lifestyle. Eden has developed a package that will address the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of busy executives.

  • Corporate Wellness Intranet Activation
  • Articles on nutrition, fitness, stress management and overall wellness by team of qualified experts that are fed directly into Corporate Intranet Portals.
  • Weekly Nutrition Time-table by accredited Eden Nutritionist with local and international experience.
  • Corporate Wellness Interventions and Retreats for Employees and Senior Management

Facilities Management/Development
Eden has the expertise and network of qualified personnel to develop non-existing facilities and manage Gym and Spa facilities in apartment blocks, hotels, offices and leisure centers