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Nowadays, most people understand the importance of health. It is a common knowledge to everyone that the chances of a cure of cancer is much better if found early even without a symptom. More and more people are having health check ups because they are afraid of getting cancer. However, since there are no symptoms, how do we identify cancer cells in their early stages?

People normally don’t feel the existence of small cancerous polyps. They are very small in the early stages and are difficult to distinguish from neighboring tissues. It is hard to identify them given there is no symptoms at all. But we can start looking for them in organs where they appear the most. Cancers cause most deaths in our country. Cancers from the digestive system accounted for five among the ten most deadly cancers. They include liver, colorectal, stomach, esophagus, and pancreas. Therefore, the digestive system is the most important during health check ups. Both endoscopy and colonscopy are most important gastroscopy procedures during digestive system check ups.

Normally, for us in Nigeria, such check ups require visas, long haul flights and appointments for the comfort of knowing you are in the best hands. However, at The Diagnostic And Therapeutic Endoscopy Centre(D&TEC) in Ikoyi, the service is available right here in Nigeria. Having personally experienced the service, it is with confidence that Eden vouches for the warm and friendly atmosphere that greets clients for such a personal check up.

Dr Pascale Anglade was kind enough to talk to Eden Lifestyle about her time in Nigeria since moving, after 10 years in New York City, to work here at D&TEC. Originally from Haiti, she has found a more balanced life here in Lagos, affording her time for family and even a teaching role at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). Between her job, home life, giving health talks and attending American women’s groups, Dr Pascale describes life in Lagos as very rewarding and loves her teaching role.





D&TEC Company Profile
The Diagnostic & Therapeutic Endoscopy Centre in Ikoyi, is the first centre of its kind in Nigeria and brings a world class “one stop” diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy service to Lagos. Located in premier facilities at 8 Ikoyi Club 1938 Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, this outpatient facility has been designed to an exceptionally high standard. You can expect a first class service directly from London based consultant gastrointestinal surgeons using the latest state of the art high tech equipment. D&TEC provides a comfortable, friendly and confidential environment for patients who appreciate a world class endoscopy service on their doorstep. Welcome to our world!

We provide a “one stop” centre providing accurate high quality diagnosis and treatment for gastrointestinal, urological, gynaecological and respiratory disorders, using the very latest flexible fibre-optic endoscopes. These procedures include:

  • gastroscopy and colonoscopy
  • cystoscopy and ureteroscopy
  • hysteroscopy
  • bronchoscopy

We are also involved in:

  • Promoting education and training of Nigerian clinicians and sharing best practice in modern endoscopic techniques
  • Providing clinical advice to medical colleagues, guidance and leadership in endoscopic health screening
  • Raising public awareness of health issues

To discuss your treatment in private please call us on 234 1 629 0026 / 1 8446467

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