Sexy Sugar Scrub

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I have this delightful treat I think you should know about. Every other weekend I listen to soothing music while I do this. I think you should try it.

-Get a small bowl or cup.
-A spoon
-Half a glass of water
-Full cream powdered milk
-Granulated refined sugar or brown sugar.

I’ve gotten quite used to this so you could increase or decrease quantities as you deem fit for your body size and how gritty you want the mixture to feel as you scrub.

Mix 3-4 table spoons of full cream powered milk with a about half a hand full of sugar. Pour in a little water and mix to a paste. The quantity of sugar you can use is relative. It all depends on how creamy and how gritty you want the scrub to feel against you skin. You could squirt in a little quantity of your favorite body wash or bath gel to give a slight lather to it.

Take small scoops at a time and start with different sections of the body just as you would if you are washing your body. You could use your hands but I prefer to use my bath sponge while I scrub. Rinse off with warm water after the entire body has been scrubbed. Towel dry your body or enjoy the water drip dry gradually.
Then apply your moisturizer, at this point the skin should have a visible glow, feels soft and smooth. Milk is a natural softener and toner. This is provided you don’t have major problems with your skin. The process of applying the moisturizer is so soothing as the skin has been exfoliated and moist. The skin is just so ready to absorb the goodness from your moisturizer.

I make sure I always use natural “ori” also known as shea butter after a body scrub. It’s absolutely divine.

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