Slave To The Crave!

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The truth is we are all slaves to the crave! We all deal with temptation in our own way, whether it’s with religion, moral obligation or values. But no one as far as I know decides to drink a litre of gasoline and light a cigarette, if you did that you’d be considered insane. So this is the long and short of it, what doesn’t kill you, will slowly kill you eventually…I’m just saying.

Personally I’ve been in this battle with my cravings for years; it’s a never ending war. Year after year they gain an upper hand and sometimes I put it on its ass! Yes it’s a battle O!! Trying to stay on a diet and every known thing that you love to eat that’s not good for is calling you like a beautiful mermaid in the Aegean Sea, and we all know how that ends.

Here’s the thing, realising that whatever it is, is not doing you any good past you pallet, once it passes your tongue it’s gone, then self-pity sets in, regret even denial that its just a morsel of whatever it is or ‘it’s just this week’ or ‘I’m on vacation’. When you can’t fit into them jeans you spent $200 on after your bingeful holiday, it’s a reality check huh?

The truth of the matter is being able to control them, just like everything else in our lives. For example chocolate, everybody loves chocolate. I buy myself a big Cadbury fruit and nuts bar, keep it in the fridge and assign each brick to one day of the week. There are 4 bricks across so I have one brick a day, and that’s if I decide to.

Negative calories are a nuisance to burn so it makes sense to moderate your cravings, better yet replace them with other healthy snacks like fruits, nuts and veggies. At least they won’t judas you later and you may end up winning the war.

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