Stand Up To Your Fear

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Fitness and exercise are not meant to be easy. Neither is being a pilot, a surgeon, or a professional athlete. If it was, the whole world would do it. The first thing you’ve got to do is overcome your fear of it. If you dwell too much on how it initially feels you’ll quit every time. And every time you quit, you’ll have to start over.

I’ve been on vacation for a couple weeks now and been going to a local crossfit gym. There’s a fit young man in a wheelchair that comes everyday. We chat for a little bit, talk about what we are working on today, then pound and get right to it. His disadvantage, in a good way was such a motivation to me. He would even come over and motivate me. Yours and my excuses don’t mean S@#T!! Man or Woman up to your fears people!!

The best way to get over that is to stay steadily consistent with it. Do what you are suppose to do if you want a specific outcome. You don’t have to over do it either. Eat less calories, make smarter and healthier nutritional choices, commit to a minimum of 30mins of light exercise a day. Whether it be walking, light weight reps, yoga or a low intensity dance, aerobics or bootcamp class. Just take it easy then you can gradually load the intensity. It’s a long slow distance, it took some time to get to where you are, so it’ll take as much to get back. So come to terms that it’ll take a while till u start to love it, let alone like it. Start by standing up to ur fear of it. Over 60% of people admit that because of the pain that’s why they don’t workout or exercise.

But remember that even in life, IF THERE’S NO PAIN, IT WILL NOT HAVE VALUE!! So get to and over it.

Procrastinating is for losers!! Thumbs down sign.

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