Stretch Your Way To Good Health

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Stand up nice and tall, spread you weight on your feet. Keep you knees soft and bring your hands in front of you like you are holding a big ball. Take a breath in and as you breathe out, hold your stomach in and coil your spine, bringing your forehead towards your chest.

Breathe in and lengthen back up. Repeat 6 times.

Come to your hands and knees, spread your weight and bring right foot inline with your hands. Now lean forward and feel a good stretch down the front of your left thigh and groin. Spread your weight and hold for 30counts.

Keep your stomach in, curl the toes of your left leg and lift the left knee off the floor. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Hold this position for a count of 30. Feel the stretch in your groin, thigh and calves as you strengthen your arms.

Now spread your weight and feel grounded on the floor. Once balanced, bring your left heel to the floor and lift your left hand to the roof – imagine your are trying to reach the roof. Slide your shoulder blades down your back and keep them relaxed. Keep your breath even. Hold for a count of 30. This stretches and strengthens the legs, knees, groin, spine and chest. If you have any neck issues, you can look straight ahead or toward the floor instead of up.

Come out of this slowly and go into the child pose slowly to rest. Repeat on the other side.

Now sit up tall, spread your weight and hold your stomach in tight, bend your left leg and stretch out your right leg. Shoulders relaxed.

Now twist at the waist to the right, stretch though your spine and bring your head towards your knee, reaching for your toes as much as you comfortably can- get to a 7 on a scale of 1-10 of discomfort. Hold for a count of 30. Reach forward from the waist every third exhale. You should feel a good stretch down the back of your stretched leg, your side and spine.

Now take a breath in and very slowly sit back up, still holding your stomach in tight. Sit up tall, change legs and repeat on the other side.

Love your body

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