The 7 Healthy Habits For Very Important People!!!

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Now that we’ve broken the ice I’ll get straight to it 🙂

Writing is generally not new to me I do it for a living! Writing an article about something in particular isn’t new either; it was once a part of my job description. Writing about “my” health or fitness routine however? That is a totally different ball game; I mean that’s like the holy grail of “Thou shalt not demystify thy self” ministry! So I shall attempt to NOT de-mystify myself to the best of my ability and we shall agree not to mention it if I do, deal? GOOD!

It would be really cool to give a detailed timetable of what to eat and what not to eat and when. The 10 real guaranteed weight loss exercise secrets, lose the fat eat a burger tip and Lets not forget the “breakfast is the most important meal of the day “mantra! Truth is, the life I lead has many times made a strict schedule impossible to manage, I’ve been good a LOT but I’ve also been bad… real BAD Michael Jackson! The one thing I’ve however learned on this very eventful journey is that vanity is for make belief; true health is your reality!

The following are my personal “acquired” tips on how to stay healthy when you’re always on the move:


    The most important thing about having a feasible lifestyle improvement is knowing and being honest with yourself, identify your weaknesses, vices, schedule etc. and spend sometime discovering how to curb those excesses, for example I would often skip breakfast because I’m never hungry in the morning and end up eating fast food around 5pm, not good! So now I make sure there’s always cereal (at least) and I have that first thing in the morning, low fat milk no sugar, whether I’m hungry or not. If I’m working out of town and staying in a hotel, I make sure I’m downstairs in time for breakfast.

    Let me confess I love junk food! I’d rather have a waffle and some ice cream than settle down to have a proper meal; I suppose that is why fast food is appealing because it’s always ready to go! In improving my lifestyle habits over the years I’ve learnt to make better choices by choosing the healthier options, its not about what I like anymore it’s about what is best for me in general. So now instead of a chapman/cocktail order that tall glass of water with a few slices of lime!

    It’s easy to grab the first thing you see when you’ve had a long day, or substitute a meal for some chocolate, My new trick is to make a salad before I leave home. So that way , when I’m hungry I’m guaranteed to eat right, granola bars also come in handy when you cant find a spare minute for a proper meal.

    I realized recently that a lot of people don’t like drinking water, fortunately for me I’m not one of them, water is amazing for just about everything and I drink a generous amount everyday, it’s great for hydration, a healthy system, great skin and can definitely be found in every country on the planet!

    By this I’m referring to products and chemicals that we expose ourselves to, the more natural it is the better for you, I use lots of oil with my body butter, I find that it moisturizes perfectly and keeps my skin looking young, the same applies to my hair, a product range I really love is a Nigerian owned beauty line called ” Ours by Juliada”, ingredients are natural and give the desired effect without damaging the skin or scalp.

    Everybody needs a regular monthly routine, for most women its bi-monthly visits to the nail salons and hair salons, looking good is part of staying healthy! Pampering doesn’t stop at the physical stuff though, medical check ups are part of my routine, with the sort of changes going on in the environment its important to stay informed and protect ourselves from un suspected dangers. Pamper your soul too, fellowship with like minds and maintain a relationship with God to help nourish the inner you, a joyful heart is a healthy heart!

    Pun intended :)! The last and by no means the least, I cannot over emphasize the need to join a gym, if you have one at home then get a personal trainer, the most effective work out results happen when you have someone to be accountable to, a trainer, a work out partner or an aerobics class, I attend aerobics classes 3 times a week and when I’m extra good and not on the road I visit the gym and work with a committed personal trainer, I also swim from time to time as it helps with my breath control for performances, When I’m on the road I pack my skipping rope, exercise DVD’s are great for maintaining a schedule and are flexible when considering time, I recommend the Jillian Michaels range , but let me say it again don’t do it alone , if it feels like a fun activity chances that you’ll maintain it as a habit are way higher!

In conclusion, here is a quick recap. Identify the things you need to fix /work on and begin, eat right by making healthier food choices, don’t indulge in junk food between meals, Drink LOTS of water, use natural beauty and health care products as often as possible, maintain a regular all round routine (physical, intellectual, spiritual) and don’t work out alone!

Good luck to being the healthiest versions of ourselves.

Mad love,

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  • Thank you Sasha, just what I needed to hear. I really like your emphasis on being honest with yourself and also nourishing your innerself by developing a relationship with God. I am meeting with my workout buddies on Saturday to discuss our plan. Thank you and keep your star up for us to see. Love you too much, you are such an inspiration to your generation!

    bebe June 13, 2015 4:17 pm Reply

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