The Great Escape

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In the heart of Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria, tucked away on a hilltop ridge, lies a 5 star resort that provides the ultimate in escapism, a beacon in a State full of attractions. Le Meridien Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort boasts stunning views over rain forests that sprawl out to the mountains of Cameroon, an 18 hole golf course, 130 rooms, 26 suites and 7 chalets. The 3 restaurants provide a taste experience at a world class level, as well as leisure facilities designed to cater to every need any guest could desire and more.

As expected, any visitor receives an extremely warm and friendly reception and an ongoing service that literally leaves you floating to your car, at departure on a cloud of relaxation and well-being. Guests always leave feeling thoroughly refreshed and ready to face the attack on their senses that is the real world.

But its the 18 hole golf course that truly captures the imagination and newcomers to the sport have plenty to gain from it. The fields of green immediately transport visitors to a state of calm that therapy just cannot give you and the health benefits of the sport are numerous.

Some people have tagged golf as the ‘lazy man’s sport’. There is no running, catching Set featured image or throwing as is common in many other sports, so it’s easy to see why. But playing a round of golf can actually be very good exercise. One of the primary benefits of golf is the fact that, if you get rid of the golf cart to travel from hole to hole, you’re actually walking several miles around the course. Playing 18 holes of golf can involve walking 3-5 miles, and any avid golfer will tell you that most courses involve a varied topography, meaning you end up walking uphill and downhill thereby working out several muscles in the process.

Walking is a low-impact cardiovascular activity that does get the heart pumping. Some doctors advise walking over jogging, especially for older people, because it isn’t impacting the knees and feet to the same degree. Walking is quite often an important part of a workout routine and can lead to weight loss and a healthier heart. For golfers that don’t have a caddy, carrying a bag full of clubs also adds resistance while walking. Research has indicated that playing a round of golf has the same health benefits as a full 45 minute fitness class (well some of the less intense ones anyway). It will burn fat and improve cholesterol levels. It is suggested that playing a round of golf and carrying your clubs can burn over 400 calories, while walking with a pull cart can burn over 300 calories.

Swinging clubs and putting are also physical workouts, the repetition can help tone muscles in arms, back and shoulders. It may also improve your flexibility and range of motion. Golf can also increase hand-eye coordination and balance. It is an excellent way for older people to remain active in a low impact way.

Apart from the physical, playing golf has some mental health benefits as well. The simple act of being outdoors on a beautiful day can boost a person’s spirits, and we don’t mean being outdoors on the back of an okada in traffic. Provided you’re not caught up with the competition aspect and winning at all costs, golf can also be a relaxing activity that helps reduce stress levels associated with a busy lifestyle. There is also the camaraderie of golf, spending time with friends and other players and engaging in conversation. They say some of the best business decisions are made on a golf course.

A swedish study on health benefits of golf has found that people who play the game on a regular basis have a 40% decreased mortality rate among their peers, which equals a 5 year increase in life expectancy. This means nothing but good things are associated with this sport, and at Le Meridien Ibom, we have the perfect fountain of youth. Be inspired.

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