The Master Cleanse

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What’s the Master cleanse you wonder? Well its a cleansing drink that consists of Grade B organic Maple Syrup, Lemon, Cayenne Pepper and water. The mixture (which you can google) must be concocted to the exact recipe, aids in cleansing the system and giving the body the nutrients it requires in the duration of the cleanse. If all that still doesn’t make sense, its the diet Beyonce did to lose weight for Dreamgirls!

Why am I telling you about it? Well ~ I’m always on the quest for the new fad diet! And this one, I’ve been waiting to do for a while! Finally, after much procrastination and delay I have embarked on that very same journey B did! Well that’s after waiting for the right Maple syrup to arrive! First Jason forgot it and said it was coming at the end of the month, but then Abbi said she was arriving the week after and she would bring me a bottle. But then she got delayed by another week. Problem solved, Pj’s going to send me two bottles from London, that didn’t arrive till a week later but its ok. Ironically, I picked both (Abbi & Pj’s) batches up on the same day.

Abbi said Grade B as the master cleanse had specified, so I started with that! Pj said Pure Syrup, ‘it was the most expensive one I could find in Selfridges, so I’m sure its the right one’, he bb’d. I compared both their details (the ingredient section on the back of the bottles), and they both checked out.
Anyways so ironically they arrived and I forgot about them, the cleanse I’d been waiting so eagerly To do!!
Remembered a few days later, sent out for the fresh lemons to be bought, made sure there was an ample supply of bottled water in the house, I had purchased the Cayenne pepper the week before so now I had no excuses but to commence on the Master Cleanse.
Right now I’m actually on Day 5, but its really more like day 1.
Let me explain.. I started, after mixing it to the specified directions of the recipe and to my surprise it tasted quite nice, well I say this because 1. It tasted sweet & spicy and 2. I was expecting it to taste like the horror I had experienced with the Cambridge Weight Plan! Can I just say, on that, I didn’t go past a day and I tried on 3 seperate occasions!! Let me just say uuuurrrrgggghhhhh!!! Vile doesn’t even begin to describe it!

Anyways, back to the Master Cleanse, so I started, I made 2 small bottles of it. It tasted nice, I was all for continuing for the day, but then the cook made some really really nice pasta (farfale) and it looked so pretty and smelled delicious, and I was ravenous. I said to myself I’ll have a bite, before I knew it, I had descended on it like a Vampire thirsting for blood after being enclosed in a space for 200 years (just watched Shadows…. The Johhny Depp one, hence the reference.)
So I continued like that for the next four days, no, not gorging myself on pasta but infusing The cleanse, into my meal plan.

Anyways, I have done a day and now let’s see how long I last, I’m starving! Drinking loads of water. But I really want to eat! (Bb crying face).
But I guess what will pull me through is basically thinking about looking Mad sexy and fabulous for my photo shoot coming up, with an Amaaazing photographer and oh yeah the fashion event of the year the Elite model finale!

Once again, all i can promise is to remain human, and to keep you posted on this delightful 😉 experience.

No Pain, No gain right? I guess it helps that I’ve started working out everyday!

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Ciao ciao my darlings,keep your fingers crossed for me.


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