The Natural Hair Revolution

There is a natural hair revolution going on among black women in Lagos and this time the revolution is being televised. On a few of our great sitcoms, locks are being showcased more and more. A lot of “Naturals” are having open forums to educate women that are curious and also giving them the floor to be able to donned natural styles.

As a stylist from New York I truly love the fact that black women are choosing natural hair, as opposed to chemically straightened hair or weaves. I know it sound like a throwback from the 60’s Black Power era, but the tenor of the current natural hair movement is decidedly different. While black hair certainly has political implications, the constant refrain of the current natural hair movement is self-acceptance, freedom, health, and spiritual growth.
While many, including me, celebrate this movement I’ve noticed women are finding “Self”.

When I first moved here from New York I could not help but wonder if something has also been lost with this cultural shift. For all the horrible scalp and hair damage I have seen due to weaves and poorly applied relaxers, the experiences associated with it have created a powerful thread that connects the vast majority of black women, and they have decided that enough is enough.

When I decided to open the The HairWhisperer’s Den, I said that I will be the first professional hair studio to cater to women with Natural hair. Be it relaxed or not chemically treated. I was told on numerous occasions that it will not work. But, I have fooled them all. I knew women here in Lagos would love to wear their own hair. Woo hoo!!! It has been wonderful, you are seeing more and more women happily freeing themselves.

Women are now becoming more conscious of the importance of regularly cleansing their scalp and hair more often. A lot more distributors are catering to women with natural hair by introducing products that will naturally help the health of the hair. You are also finding more and more stylist, like myself, using more natural and organic products to encourage healthy looking hair. The movement is strong and I am happy to be a part of this change. I always recommend to my wonderful clients that less is more. Meaning if you are going to do weaves and braids it shouldn’t be worn more than two weeks. I also express the importance of regular visits to the salon either once a week or every two weeks. And seeing is believing. Because they have chosen to make this change the outcome has been wonderful, their hair is shiny, has great movement and most importantly, growing!!!! This we all want to achieve.

Even though my hair is relaxed my daughter’s on the other hand is natural and I love it. I always plead with her to embrace her natural curls, though this may change as she gets older. I have expressed to her on numerous occasions how beautiful she is. I always tell her this because I want her to love herself with that beautiful natural mane she donned on her shoulder. I want her to love her hair as it grows out of her head, I also want her to love herself as a young black women.

Have a HairWhisperer’s Day!!!!!

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