Tips To Shrink Your Beer Belly

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Don’t stuff your face post-workout
Don’t use the fact you’ve been to the gym as an excuse to eat more. You may feel you’ve worked hard but a typical hour-long cardio workout will burn less than 600Kcal. To get the fat off it has to be your diet, along with exercise, that changes.

Put rest to work
Aim to get eight and a half hours sleep every night to stop yourself from snacking. Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that students restricted to just five and a half hours of sleep ate significantly larger amounts of high-carb snacks during their waking hours than those sleeping for eight and a half hours a night.

Basically when it comes to weight, you snooze…you lose.

Snack at three o’clock
A nutritional boost between lunch and dinner wards off fatigue and keeps you from over-indulging later. Just don’t gobble down a bar of chocolate. Try yogurt and fruit, or eat an egg (hard-boiled) or an apple washed down with a bottle of water. All will give you long-lasting energy.

Smoothly does it
If you want your metabolism to run like a high-performance V8 rather than a spluttering two-stroke, keep it well lubricated. Try giving your motor a metabolic oiling by chucking the following into a blender.

400ml semi-skimmed organic milk
1 tbsp of low-carb protein powder
1/2 cup of berries
1 tsp of spirulina
1 kiwi fruit
1 tbsp of flaxseeds

Burning all that protein boosts your metabolism, the spirulina stabilises your blood sugar levels and the whole concoction tastes a lot better than Castrol GTX.

Go green
Giving up beer will help your weight loss, and not just because of the calories in each bottle. When we drink a lot we experience an outpouring of insulin stimulated by the ethanol in beer. This causes hypoglycemia, a reduction of sugar in the blood, which stimulates the sensation of hunger, leading to a desire for high-carb foods (familiar?).

Try drinking green tea for a month instead. Its catechins (antioxidants) spur on the body’s metabolism. In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition men who drank green tea daily had significantly smaller waist measurements than those in the control group. Four cups a day should see you benefit from the rub of the green in no time.

Vary your routine
Your body gets used to the workout you do, so transform it to push your muscles harder and burn more fat. Try playing basketball, hill walking or kayaking to shock your body into shedding more pounds.

Cheat and indulge
Treat yourself once in a while. Not feeling bad about an occasional indulgence is an important factor in sticking to any eating plan. So whether your poison comes in a bowl or a bottle, consume it wisely and it won’t be a problem. With ice cream we advise eating it after dinner when you have fewer hours to allow one bowl to turn into three or four.

Take a gamble
Picturing yourself slim is one motivator, ‘betting’ yourself thin is another. Men are more committed to weight loss when it becomes competitive. Bet a pal you’ll shed a certain amount before the third round of the FA Cup, that way if your team goes out you could still win. Unless you’re an Arsenal fan of course…

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