Top Hair Trends For 2012

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Fashion week is about fantasy and illusion, the most captivating trends from the fall shows emphasized wearable texture, natural ease and feminine approachability. From polished ponytails to unfussy strands left free around the shoulders and framing of the face, hairstylists offered up plenty of inspirational – and achievable – ideas that float from the runway to the real world surprisingly well.

Perfect Ponytails
Ponytails this season, no matter if they’re high or low, are perfectly precise and chic and I am not talking about that gym-wearing pony you’ve been trying to pass off as fashionable. Put some effort and styling into the look. It will only take two minutes and you’ll look like you just stepped off the runway and not out of that, I do not know what to call it, class.

First, prep your hair with a light serum to add shine. Pull hair back using a flat brush to get hair smooth. Secure with a band. Next, take a lightweight hairspray and spray lightly, To smooth down the surface and prevent those pesky bumps, spray hairspray onto a clean toothbrush (or a small hard bristle brush) and run it over the surface of your pony tail. Yes, you just kicked those annoying little flyaways to the curb.

Here are some tips on how to do a weave ponytail and make it look natural and maintain your new hairstyle.
-Use hair extensions that match your hair’s texture. That guarantees you get the natural look you want.
-Human hair is always a better choice to do ponytails. It gives a nicer finished look and you can style it with hot tools.
-If your edges are out of control, tame them with gel. Use a silk scarf to tie them down for half an hour and they’ll behave.
-This style can last 3-4 days if you tie it down at night. Fluff the ponytail and use a little oil sheen every morning.
-Be careful putting hairpins in. If it feels bad, take it out and try again. You really don’t want pins digging into your scalp all day (it’s really uncomfortable!)

The ponytail is the common hairstyle which can be seen everywhere. This ponytail hairstyle can be used as regular hairstyle which can be easy to maintain. Though women think of ponytail hairstyles as simple hairstyles for unmanageable hair , ponytail styles can also look stylish.. There are so many different types. See the pictures of beautiful weave and styles for long hair styles and learn how to do them step by step.

But, always remember less is more. Again, please do not over do this style. Remember pony’s should not be worn for more than 4 days , so that you do not put too much tension on the hair line.

If you have any questions concerning the above please do not hesitate to call on the The HairWhisperer.

Have a HairWhisperer’s Day.

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