Under The Knife Or Not

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I work with some of the best cosmetic consultants and specialist in the world who specialize in skin peels, face lifts, liposuction, breast implants, tummy tuck etc. We have noticed the masses influx of Africans coming for all types of surgery and procedures. Unfortunately most that come to see the consultants usually have been battered by second rate consultants, by the time they get to us, we have to deal with bad work. I believe if Africans are going to pursue any type of surgery or procedure they should have the best. Our skin type is very sensitive and our needs are so different from anyone else. We all want it, that perfect, body, what is the perfect body? Who do we want it for, ourselves or for others to admire?

Anyone and everyone that knows me, knows that I am in the gym every day, working out like an athlete. I have been this way for the last 25 years. Why? Lots of reasons, one to keep my body tight, to keep the weight off, to feel beautiful, to keep my skin in good condition, to enable me to be able to fit into my clothes, and to feel attractive for myself, and for others who may just want to look my way. From a very young age, I have always wanted to stay healthy and was determined not to carry weight. It hard very hard, but I am worth it. It takes a lot of discipline, and it is fun. I believe we are what we eat, and what we do. Obviously there are some exceptional cases, but on a whole I think we are a lazy bunch of people. We start off with the most beautiful bodies, regardless the shape or size, however someway along the line, we just let go. We always say tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow.

I work in a very superficial and pretentious industry, I see men and women spend thousands of pounds on surgery, rather than adjust their diets and do exercise, they want immediate results, but not realizing that any type of altering the body requires serious maintance, serious heavy maintance. That same energy could go into exercise and eating healthy. Yes the results are slower but the results are rewarding and far more sustainable. Many Africans are going under the knife or having procedure and not wanting anyone else to know. If this is the way we are going it is best to know and be advised about the pros and cons of these type of procedure. I hope the information I supply will give individuals industry guidance and knowledge. I work with some of the best cosmetic consultants in the world. It all sounds so appealing, a local anesthetic, 90 minutes procedure, a week in a surgical stocking and hey presto, you have lost inches, is it too good to be true? Non-InvasiveTechniques and minimally invasive techniques. Let’s talk.

No hospital stay, no time off work, and no need for endless hours sweating in the gym or restrictive weight loss diets, that’s the promise of the new wave of new-invasive or minimally invasive fat reduction treatments that have boomed so much in recent years. It is the new trend, no let me take that back, it has always been done, now it is spoken about a little bit more. It is promoted as an alternative to traditional liposuction where, undergoing anaesthetic, a canella is used to break down fat and suck it out, a variety of treatments have come on the market using a number of different techniques that can be performed either under local anesthetic, or entirely without.

But if you go for one of the non-invasive treatments, does the body really whisk away the broken down fat. My industry colleague a top Professor of beauty says “Cosmetic procedures that damage the tissue without removing the fat actually makes it harder for the body to use those fat supplies up as you damage the blood vessels that transport the fat away. But beyond that, you still need to eat less than you burn up otherwise the fats that you have released into the body won’t be used by the muscles, they’ll be taken up by the liver and stored again within the body”. This might explain why so many of the treatments advocate that you also follow a diet and exercise plan, And some iLipo, actually follow up a treatment with a workout, based on the theory that if you exercise immediately afterwards, you burn up the released fats straight away.

The media is full of adverts and commercials for wonderful-sounding new technologies in the cosmetic surgery field. Many fall by the wayside before long. However, new technologies do not often cause physical damage but do damage people pockets and expectations. I certainly have see men and women spend thousands of pounds and have been disappointed. Hence why it is very important to do your home work. Those that have had it done, and are happy with the results, tend to keep the information to themselves. Of course this is their choice, but then how do others know where to go. Catch 22 situation. Personally I would advice be aware of the advertising hype. Ask for before and after photographs, and ask to speak to clients that have had treatment. Never ever commit yourself straight away; please don’t put down a deposit on the same day. Think very hard what your expectations are, then realize that things could and may go wrong, what would you do?

These treatments CANT remove the volumes of fat like liposuction can but I don’t think that always made clear to patients. It seems that for a reliable result with a good safety record, conventional liposuction beats the new-fangled miracles machines hands down. But you have to wonder why, if these treatments are giving the results that women want, there is such a huge boom in them. It’s hard, because women seem hardwired to compete with each other. The fact that these treatments exist make women anxious that they ought to be doing them, not necessarily because they want to, but because they worried that if someone else is doing them, they should be too. We also battle against the “thin is beautiful and beautiful is good”. Women use weight as a yard stick with which to measure self-worth and attractiveness.

Being a fitness specialist myself, amongst many other things, I think healthy diet, and plenty of exercise is the only way for long term results. Start off with a little, and then build your way up. My advice to anyone considering any type of procedure is do your home work, digest the information, realize that all your problems in your life won’t go away. I will be talking a lot about exercise, fat, skin, well being, confidence, teeth and many other subjects in the near future.

My message to you all today is, what you put in is what you get back. Work smart, not hard. Learn to love yourself and embrace what you have. Take care of you, for you because you matter to you.

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