What Every Woman Should Know

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Our skin is the blank canvas of us. Before you do anything else makes sure it is as healthy as possible. The right skin care products and regime can make the difference to your complexion from dull to luminous, rough to smooth, blemished to practically flawless. It is imperative to take the right steps before selecting the products for your individual needs. My advice is seeking the help of a professional. I do realize that we are not always in the position to do that. I feel even if you visit a professional salon once in your life, you will hopefully receive a basic understanding for your skin type.
Looking great heads every woman’s wish list. Even when we are young girls we cannot but stop and look at ourselves in a mirror. It is this fascination with beauty and good looks that the beauty industry has caught on to. Personally I much prefer the use of natural products found within our homes and in the kitchen. Today the beauty industry is capable of producing the products for eternal youth. We have always known about these products, but have slowly by society and industry moved away from using these products, and are forever adding more chemicals to our bodies. Whether it is externally or internally. All of this is the result of dogged research and arduous soul searching by people committed to making every woman’s wish come true.
The very first step in beautifying yourself is to know about your skin. This will bring immense knowledge about your own skin. Isn’t it really wonderful to study your own skin? Such studies would help you choose the right product for your skin and also make you more alert on the different ways of caring for and pampering your skin. After gathering information on different skin types you can easily categorize your skin to one among those. With this you will become more aware of the various methods in skin care.

If you have ever felt that beauty is unattainable- a lucky perk other women are blessed with at birth, take a deep breath and relax. You are not alone-and you also happen to be in for a very pleasant surprise. Take a look around, and ask the question, are any women truly happy with themselves? Define beauty? Looking great and feeling great is about knowing yourself? Yes we need to maintain ourselves for ourselves, but what is beauty? Even if we had perfect skin, does it stop there? You will quickly see that there is no surefire formula for looking great. The primary step is to know your skin type and your skin. This will surely reveal a lot of secrets and also better ways to improve the look of your skin and your confidence. After all beauty is only skin deep.

Top tips for Life
I love beautiful things in my life, from beautiful clothes, combinations of colours, texture of cloths, the smell of fresh food, beautiful fashion, and most of all beautiful women. All women are beautiful. We should learn to love and enhance our physical and spiritual beauty. There is nothing worse than seeing women whose clothes don’t fit them properly, who endeavor to emulate everyone else in the outfits they are wearing.
1. Buy and wear underwear that fit you properly. A well dressed woman never has her underwear showing. Avoid heavy and bulky lines under your clothes. If and when appropriate wear tummy control panels or waist-clinching all in ones. Many of us need to buy new underwear regularly because we lose or gain weight. Nothing worse than those fat bulges out over the side of the under of our arms and around the straps. This is usually due to weight gain. Change your underwear, or better yet start to do some exercises. I will be telling you how, shortly.

2. There is nothing in the history of fashion worse than a woman whose label shows under her shoes. It’s a total an utter no no. If you can’t scrape it off with a knife, or peel it away, then get a black pen and colour it in. It is the tackiest thing that a woman can do.
3. For smooth skin for the rest of your life, every single time you step out of the shower you should nourish your body with a moisturizer. I have been using baby Oil since birth. Rub especially on your tummy, your bum and under your breast, I promise you with time you will see and feel the difference.

4. Yes, chewing gum regularly can help tighten your jaw muscles, but make sure it is sugar free. However there is nothing worse than a well dress woman, chewing on her gum like a donkey. We have all seen it. If you chew gum, know when to remove it from your mouth, always on the side with a tissue. Etiquette, Etiquette, Etiquette.
5. Salt can cause retention. To help combat fluid gathering under your eyes, you can cut down on it. Processed foods and ready-meals contain lots of hidden salt, so remember this when you are trying to lose weight.

6. Remember to get your mouth ready for lipstick wearing by doing a super-quick exfoliation. Simply rub your toothbrush over your lips after you have brushed your teeth to get rid of any flakiness. Remember to wear a little lip balm and leave for a few minutes before applying your lipstick.
7. We all like glamour, but remember glitter went out in the 70’s. However, applied in small doses it can be sexy, especially to the back and to the arms. Less is best. Obviously if you are in your twenties you can get away with anything. (I will never be seen without my lip-gloss).

8. If you decided to wear false eyelashes, please remember that is what they are, false eyelashes. Remove after a few days, because they could start to look very tacky and clammy, if left on. It’s not a good look to see last weeks mascara on the lashes, with last month’s glue application.
9. Those of you who wear foundation, always ask me, how did I create the flawless foundation look. Firstly work hard, very hard to find the right shade for you, it’s worth it. Apply your moisturizer a few minutes before. This will help your foundation to stay put, and go on much more smoothly. For those of you who don’t know, I would like to introduce you to primers; this is what you apply to your face before you apply your foundation. it is suppose to minimize blemishes and imperfections and provide a really good base. It is a fantastic product. I use it on all my photo shoots and brides. The most important thing to remember is your powder. Once you have found the powder that works for you, stick with it and buy in abundance. Your powder should be your flawless secret.

10. Nothing adds years to a person than discolored teeth, it can add about ten years to you. My teeth are very important to me; it’s the first thing I look at when I meet people. In my opinion there’s no point in making an effort to keep your hair, clothes, skin and everything else youthful, if you open your mouth to smile and reveal a row of yellow teeth. Not sexy at all.

  • Avoid lipsticks with orange, brown and pink tones, these tend to make yellow teeth even yellower.
  • Do not wear bright white next to your face.
  • Brush your teeth minimum twice a day.

11. Invest in yourself and your family, now and for the future. Do you have life, or well-being, health insurance? This is one of the best things you can do to invest in yourself.
12. Always invest real time daily for your loved ones, without them we really don’t have anything.

13. The power of forgiveness. Find it in your heart to forgive, this is very important, this is the difference between a gentle and subtle heart and a heart made or rock. By the same token, find it in yourself to say sorry when you are wrong.
14. Prayer, thank God every day for your life, health and everything else. Spend at least 5 minutes with God every day. That is the least we can do.

15. Be happy, think happy thoughts. Say thank you as many times in one day that you can, and mean it.

16. Look in the mirror and be eternally grateful of who you are.

Affirmation for today: When a man gets up to speak, people listen, then look. When a woman gets up people look, then if they like what they see, they listen.

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