What Nice Teeth You Have: The Importance Of Oral Hygiene

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Having a winning smile is of the utmost importance in life, few things can affect a social situation as much as bad teeth and bad breath. When you consider how much of an impact having a healthy and good looking mouth can have on the rest of your life, it pays to give it some attention.

Boost Your Career Prospects
Before a job interview or meeting with the boss, it’s common practice to polish shoes, shave or straighten a tie. While these do help present a good, professional image of yourself, they are at the risk of falling by the wayside if you haven’t been giving your mouth the five-star treatment. In the same way your boss doesn’t want to be looking at yellow teeth and inflamed gums for half an hour, neither will your colleagues or clients and if you fail to sort your mouth out, your replacement may be just around the corner.

Having good teeth has certainly been linked to career success. Bright, white teeth are a sign of good health and someone who is very organised and looks after themselves. In the US you hear stories of cleaners who can barely afford to pay off their credit cards, saving up and wanting great teeth because it has been linked to career success.

Have A Healthy Heart
When people talk about oral health, most people think about the teeth. However, do not forget that gums need to be cared for, too. While the pay-off from looking after your teeth may be more instant and obvious, healthy gums will award much more than just an enviable smile. We wish anyone with a diseased heart good luck trying to bench 100kgs. Some very interesting studies have been done and they’ve linked gum disease to systemic diseases, heart disease, diabetes and also some forms of cancer.

Increase Your Confidence
We’ve all had the experience of talking to someone, noticing something odd about their teeth, not being able to look away and subsequently feeling bad for it. Luckily, you are not alone and it seems that science is on our side. Being such a focal point, it’s little wonder that the state of the mouth can affect our view of a person so much. While an ugly mouth may keep you quiet and introverted, an attractive one can do your confidence the world of social good.
If you ask a group of people what they notice most about a person, most would say the hair and the teeth. For the person, an attractive mouth gives them more confidence and that confidence shows through very easily when they talk to and meet people.

Skip The Knife
Fitting any form of surgery into your lifestyle is near impossible at the best of times and when you realise that a quick trip to the dentist could have meant you avoided it altogether, it becomes plain infuriating. A healthy jaw joint is crucial to keeping your mouth in shape, and if left unchecked, can cause you endless problems.

Teeth fracturing, jaw and muscle pain, headache, neck ache and back ache. All these things people don’t associate with their teeth and their jaw joints.Trouble chewing gum and eating baguettes are often signs that someone may have a problem with their bite. If it’s left untreated it could affect their jaw joints permanently and you’re looking at surgery to fix that.

Attract The Opposite Sex
Imagine the scene: you’ve been checking out the hot girl from across the bar and she’s been checking you, too. She locks eyes on you and starts walking over; when she gets to you she’s even more beautiful than from afar, she extends her hand and introduces herself. Only then do you see a set of teeth that make you think she likes to eat her meals through a tennis racket. Disappointment ensues. The value we place on having good teeth when selecting a partner is the same for women. In a survey they said one of the biggest turn offs for women is bad teeth. It adds to the sex appeal of the person if they have good teeth and nice, fresh breath as well.

So it’s pretty clear, take care of your mouth…enough said.

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