Why Join A Fitness Boot Camp?

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This question has come up quite often. When you workout on your own, in the beginning you might get some results. After a few weeks the same old routine gets boring. You lose interest, the excitement and motivation is gone and most of the time you really don’t have any idea how to get the results you want, so you end up quitting. You then procrastinate when you should get back in it, thereby you’re having to start over, it then feels harder than it did the last time.
You next option is to join a gym. Gyms have lots of machines and free weights etc, but where do you start? Do you jump on any of the machines and just wing it? Yeah..that course of action usually has great success.. NOT!!!

What about hiring a personal trainer, though a good idea, you will get the instruction you need, proper nutritional advice too but you will be charged upwards of N16k an hour for a good trainer.

Your third option is a fitness boot camp. This in my opinion IS the best option, if you are thinking of starting a fitness lifestyle. You will be working out with like-minded people who have the same goals in mind. All exercises will be programmed to your own fitness level, a combination of different fitness techniques and trainers with years of combined experience to guide you on the fitness adventure of a lifetime.
No two workouts are ever the same at a bootcamp. Workouts are continuous and mid-intensive, so you will not hit a wall or plateau if you’ve been working out already. You’ll also be given nutrition tips and guides to help you make better nutrition decisions. This guarantees you greater success and all this for less than a third of the cost of a personal trainer and way less than joining a gym.

My advice, sign up with BodyByPonz Bootcamp.
For details call 0703-197-9613.

It’ll be the best call you ever made.


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