#WomanCrushWednesday – Lita Lewis

Australian born Lita Lewis is a fitness model, personal trainer, and promoter of being “Thick and Fit”. She first started her fitness journey when she was only 5 years old through athletics, football, and track & field.

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However, the self proclaimed “tomboy” lost interest with fitness, and her health, after going through a bad break-up. These difficult times affected her overall well-being to a point where she couldn’t recognize her own face in the mirror.

This forced Lita to change her life around – with a new found energy, she entered the gym and created a powerful body, and mind.

Since the beginning of her journey into fitness, she’s become a leading role model for women everywhere who struggle with finding the balance between fitness, and health. She continues to promote her philosophy throughout the world on social media and personal training. Lita is the epitome of a “Strong and Fit” athlete.


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